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News – For Monday Nov. 26

PaganismTrying Times!

Over the holiday weekend, my laptop took a major crash that has left me disconnected and experiencing the DTs! In this case that DT is Data & Technology withdraws! This morning was a good example. Trying to make the daily Tarot Meditation Drawing from a smart phone IS NOT easy! It’s even down right painful.

This afternoon my husband was able to get me some what back up and running through a different operating system on a temporary basis. But it’s enough to fix the post for the daily drawing and that’s something at least! Yeah. He’s truly a genius.

So if you read the Daily Drawing post this morning, you noticed some pretty poor grammar and typeos. Along with no image of the card. I apologize for that. But they have been corrected now and I hope the post makes much more sense now.

With a bit of luck, I hope we can get my laptop back up and running normally this week. I’m seriously crossing my fingers about that! But be patient with me…we’ll get things fixed somehow.

For – Ænigma Project News – Mon. Nov. 26 – No Show This Evening

Sir Paul is on vacation today. So there’s no The Ænigma Project show this evening. But come back next Monday (December 3) at 9pm eastern, when our topic will be Mysterious Disappearances, and Spontaneous Invisibility.  This will be a fun show you won’t want to miss!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death – Inverted

Death Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You may feel as though you’ve been kicked in the teeth and you have nothing left to give, or be taken. If you allow all the negative energies to take hold, the only thing you’ll have left is an empty shell. You are stronger than you think. Don’t allow the adversities to pull you under. Giving in is exactly what they’re hoping you’ll do. Stay calm and avoid the fights on their terms, Align your energies with the divine in your life and you will come up with a solution.

Additional Insight:

The more you dwell on the negative the more you will pull it toward you. Look beyond the anger and hate. You will find strength, solutions and victory within. Take time each morning for a 5 minute meditation to raise your energies into the positive Divine Creation. Use that connection to create the solutions you need in your life, for you and your family. You can do this….if you don’t give in and face the world with a defeatist attitude.

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