Meditation Guides

What is Meditation?
Prayer allows you to talk to the Divine and petition for assistance. Meditation allows you to become one with the Divine and discover the divine within your inner being.

Meditation has been practiced around the world in every known religion, from Buddhism to Christianity. Many people have meditated for spiritual communication, personal fulfillment, as a form of worship or just to relax and relieve stress. During this century western societies have begun to recognize the benefits of meditation.

There are numerous forms of meditation techniques around the world. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t get discouraged. Try another method. This is one of those things where you simply need to keep going until you find the method that works for you. The method I teach is usually called Free-Form, there’s no mantra, no drumming or specific stance or posture. There’s just you, your mind and learning to relax and go within yourself. If you’d like a step by step process for Free-Form Meditation, you can find my Learning To Meditate here on Reflections.

In addition to a standard relaxing meditation, you can also conduct working or focused meditations for specific issues or goals. Such as dealing with Grief through a Letting Go meditation. These types of focused Meditations are called Visualized Meditations, or Guided Meditations (which are usually directed by an individual or a recording).

Meditation Guides
I have long provided a written step by step process for visualized meditations to my students. These guides were provided at my in person meditation classes and were written to be used as references when students went home to practice for the week.

These guides were originally provided on, my first spiritual education website. I updated many of these and provided them on my spiritual center’s website When I retired, so did Spring’s Haven. And we’ve moving articles from that old center site, here to the blog. So stay tuned as we we get things moved over and reposted.

Here on SpringWolf Reflections

The Original Guides on

Tribal WolfA Little Warning
These articles were originally published on my AOL Metaphysical website in 1996. I have moved them to my first Spiritual Education Site,, to my Spiritual Center’s website (now retired), and finally here to Springwolf Reflections.

Since their original publication many others have stolen these works, re-published them on their own site and claimed the articles and processes as their own work.

I have NEVER authorized anyone to republish these articles anywhere. Anyone who has stolen and plagiarized these articles from any of my official websites/blogs is violating federal copyright laws and is subject to prosecution. I have been forced to  exercised this legal process on various occasions and I will continue to do so as unethical people continue to steal this material. I offer this information for free, with copyright conditions.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2020 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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