Meditation Exercises

Visualized Meditations

Each of the following visualized meditations have a common beginning, the lighting of a ‘spiritual’ candle, saying a prayer for assistance, and a process for a visualized protection of yourself and your surroundings. Remember these are only suggestions. Variations of these techniques or others not discussed here may work better for you.

Following this section are three examples of meditative prayers used specifically to identify the intent of the meditation. The first is used for the sole purpose of protection, the second for calling upon your guides and teachers to assist with a reading, and the final prayer is used primarily for closing a reading, or special meditation.

Meditations should be performed in a location of your house or office reserved for spiritual practices. You can use any variety of spiritual or new age music if you choose. Crystals, candles and other spiritual tools are also encouraged.

If you find a piece of music you really like for meditation, stick with it. If you use the same piece each time you meditate, you will pre-program your mind to step into a state of relaxation. Each time you practice, your mind will move into this state with less effort and more quickly, allowing you more time for greater meditative work. My personal favorite piece is called Ascension to All That Is by Robert Slap. You can find it on

Preparing the Room
The room you choose to perform a reading, healing or any spiritual work, should be cleared of negative and unwanted energy. And filled with positive energy that promotes the intent you’re setting the space for spiritual work. There are many techniques to perform this task, the following are just 2 common examples.

Smudging / Incense
A smudge stick is a collection of dried herbs wrapped together with string. Smudge sticks are usually made from sage and a more fragrant herb such as lavender or sandlewood. The sage is used to ward off unwanted or negative energies, the second herb typically denotes the purpose of the stick. I have found sage and lavender to be an excellent cleansing mixture for meditation, healing and divination. And sage and cedar for setting protection, which can also be used for meditation, creating space for spiritual work and celebrations. But these are just two of many combinations you can use.

You can also use an Incense stick or cone if you prefer that form of fragrance instead. Again the variation in fragrance varies widely. Nag Champa, Sunrise Sandalwood, Midnight Patchouli are some of the popular options. I’m partial to Nag Champa and Patchouli. But as with all things on the spiritual path, it’s up to you.

  1. You will need a smudge stick or incense, a book of matches or a lighter. A small bowl to place the smudge or incense, after the blessing. Set the items out before you on the floor or on a coffee table. If you choose to use spiritual music, begin the tape now. <
  2. Sit quietly in the center of the room and close your eyes. Take a few moments to say a brief prayer of protection and to call upon your guide(s) for assistance. Open your eyes and light the smudge stick at one end. Let the herbs burn for about 10 to 15 seconds. Blow out the flames and allow the herbs to smolder.
  3. Stand and face North, raise the smudge toward the ceiling and say: ‘Bless the element of air. The power of the mind’.
  4. Turn to your right to face the East, raise the smudge and say: ‘Bless the element of fire. The power of spirit’.
  5. Turn to your right to face the South, raise the smudge and say: ‘Bless the element of water. The power of emotion’.
  6. Turn to your right to face West, raise the smudge and say: ‘Bless the element of earth. The power of the physical.’
  7. Turn to your right to face North once more, lower the smudge toward the ground and say: ‘Bless the Mother Earth’.
  8. Raise the smudge over your head and say: ‘Bless the Father Sun’.
  9. Lower the smudge to chest level. Fan the smoke toward your body with your hand or a large feather and say: ‘Bless this house, myself and my purpose. Please remove any negative energies out into the universe where they can be dissipated and can no longer do harm to anyone. Send to me the most positive light and power to fulfill my plan for this day. In return I give my thanks and gratitude, my love and positive light for the universal good of all. Amen.’
  10. Place the smudge stick in the small bowl and let it continue to smoke. When the client arrives ask if they mind leaving the smudge burning during the session. If they do, simply turn the stick upside down and gently grind the burning embers into the bowl. Do not use water to put out the remaining coals as this will ruin your smudge stick.
  11. If the client has no opposition to the smudge stick, place it on a table on the opposite side of the room. That way the smoke from the stick will not interfere with your ability to perceive the clients aura. Just remember to extinguish the stick after the reading.

Energetic Meditation

An Altar For Working

Using Energy alone is all about you and how you connect with the Divine and raise energy for spiritual working. This method uses visualization and a few tools to help you focus your intent and energy.

The following images help to balance your own energy, while at the same time adds to your personal power level for cleansing the ‘reading’ room. This meditation will also help to protect you from unwanted intrusions created by negative energies.

You will want to surround your space with spiritual items that mean something to you. A crystal ball, a statue or some representation of your spirit animal, your magikal journal and a cauldron can all be used to help you “get into” the spiritual frame of mind.  You can use any tools you like, it doesn’t have to be any of these, except for the candle. You can also choose a piece of meditation music to help drown out distracting noises around your space.

Select a quiet space that will comfortably fit everyone who will be in your circle. Make sure everyone has room to move, stretch, sit comfortably and so on. If the space is just for you, the same requirements will be needed to help you remain focused on the task at hand.

  1. You will need a white candle and something to light it with. If you choose to use spiritual music, press play now.
  2. Sit in the center of the space, either on a chair or on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and the position you choose is comfortable for about a 10-15 minute session. This allows the positive energy to flow through you and assist in the process of your ritual.
  3. Take a minute to relax and focus your energies. Light the white candle and imagine the flame is coming from within your own consciousness.
  4. Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose. As you do, imagine the positive white light of the universe entering your body and energizing your lungs. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine any negativity, stress and anxiety exiting your body. Say to yourself ‘I release all stress and negative emotions to the universe from my body and my home, where they can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone’.
  5. As you take in the final breath, imagine God’s energy filling your lungs with a large ball of pure protective white light. Now return to normal breathing and imagine the ball of light in your lungs beginning to grow as it mixes with your own energy. As the ball becomes larger, the positive light pushes through your organs, tissue and muscles, forcing any leftover stress out of your body and into the universe to be dispersed. Imagine the energy pushing up through your chest, neck and head. Then see the energy pushing downward, through your stomach, hips, legs and feet. When you have imagined the white light fully encompassing your entire body, turn your thought to the solar plexus (the solar plexus is located in the area where the lower part of your rib cage joins together).
  6. Beginning at the solar plexus, imagine a gold spear of light moving down your spine. Take the spear in your mind down through the floor, through the foundation of your house, through the bedrock, and molten lava until it reaches the pure yellow fire within the center of the earth. Imagine the end of your gold spear plugging into the earths core like an electrical cord into an outlet. Once the connection is made, the grounding yellow energy from the earth quickly travels up the spear, through the floor and into your body along the spinal cord. The energy continues up the spine and out the top of your head reaching far out into the universe. As you continue this thought for a few moments, the yellow light from the earth is helping to ground you mentally, emotionally and physically.
  7. When you’re ready to proceed, image a second spear beginning back at your solar plexus. This time, run the gold spear up your spine, out the top of your head, through the roof of your house, through the earths atmosphere and out into the deepest portions of the universe. Now imagine the white energized light of the universe attaching itself to your spear, as if it were a lightening rod. The positive electrical energy quickly travels downward toward the earth, through the roof top, through your head, down through your body alongside the spinal cord, reaching down through the house toward the center of the earth. As you continue this thought for a few moments, the power of the universe is energizing your spiritual and physical bodies.
  8. Now the power from the earth, the power from the universe and your own power of protection mix together and flows freely up and down your body. As you continue this thought for a few moments, each external energy is supplementing your own. The universe and the earth are assisting to balance your energies to enhance the reading. The earth and sky will also provide you with the additional amount of energy you may expended during the session.
  9. When you’re ready to resume, imagine all this revitalizing energy pushing out through the confines of your body. As it grows and moves farther and farther out into the room, all negative and disruptive energy is being pushed out of your house to the universe where it will be dispersed. Continue this image until your entire house is energized with the pure positive energy.
  10. Ask your guide(s) to help protect your house from any negative or earth bound forces. Ask them to watch over you and the events of the day, to bless you and keep you safe. Sit for a few more moments, then when your ready thank your guide(s) and teachers and close the mediation.

Visualized meditations can be very powerful tools for any situation. But the important thing to remember is you’re not alone, so ask for help from your guides and spiritual teachers, but don’t forget to thank those unseen forces for their assistance.

Created: 10/07/1996        Updated: 01/17/2009, 11/24/2019

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