Learning To Meditate

How To Get Started – Tips and Tricks

MeditationThere are as many methods and approaches to meditation as there are people on the planet. And that’s a good thing. Because what works for me, may not be what works for you. If you don’t know how to meditate and are looking for what’s right for you, don’t be afraid to try different methods until you find the one you like most. If you feel drawn to a specific culture, you might first try methods that incorporate elements from that culture into a meditation practice. For instance, if you’re drawn to Native American spirituality, try drumming. If you feel drawn to Indian/Hindu culture try a mantra. If you feel drawn to Tibetan culture, try a Buddhist meditation. And so on.

The meditation method I teach is often termed as Free Flowing or Free Form Meditation. It relies on visualization and meditation music. Visualization is a way of focusing your thoughts and raising your energy or vibration to a higher level of consciousness. When thoughts enter your mind that are distracting, you can use a visualization image to move them out. Such as seeing a peaceful ocean wave was over the grocery list and dissolve it from your mind.

The idea of the music is to find a piece of music you like that you can use over and over again. Over time, the music becomes pre-programmed into your conscious mind like a trigger that says: “it’s time to meditate”. Eventually you get to the point where you hear the music alone, and you quickly move into a deep altered state of consciousness for meditation.

The biggest block I hear from people is “I can’t stop thinking about things.” or “I don’t know how to think of nothing”. The first thing to know about learning to meditate – even thinking about nothing, is thinking about something. Your mind is not your enemy here, it’s your tool to successful meditation. So let it think. But guide what it thinks about.

The second complaint is “I never seem to have time” or “I can never find time to be alone”. In today’s society with everyone trying to work, regardless what that work is, we seem to put everyone else first but ourselves. Finding time for you will benefit those around you. So if you really want to implement a process of meditation in your week; you will find a way to do it.

In that vain getting started is often the hard part. But I have a trick for finding the time and guiding the thoughts in your head.

Instead of looking for an hour or 30-minutes to meditate during your busy day, try doing it in the shower. Hopefully you do take a shower alone. And we’re not talking about a 60 minute shower here. To get started, you’re only going to need 5 minutes. And here’s how..

Step into the flowing water, close your eyes and say a prayer asking the GreatSpirits (or whatever the Divine force in your life is) to help you focus and energize your day. Make a statement of intent that this is your time to cleanse the stress and negativity from your mind and body.

Then imagine the water washing away all that negativity you’ve been carrying from both the inside and outside of your body.  With your eyes still closed, see a Divine white light coming from the depths of space, moving through the walls of your home, into the water pipes, through the shower head and floating gently over your body and into your mind. Imagine this energy pushing all the stress and anxiety you hold within your physical being, from the top of your head, down to your feet, then washing out of your body like mud going down the drain. Imagine your physical body full of pure white and yellow light, pulsating with each beat of your heart. See the white Divine protection filling your physical body and pulsing out of your physical being creating a force field that will keep negativity away from you until your next shower meditation. Then see the yellow light of success empowering your mind, body and spirit as it flows from within and glows around your physical body. Say a quick Thank you to the Divine force that helped you and then get on with your shower.

Whither you can do this visualization in a few moments or 5 minutes doesn’t matter it’s a starting process, so don’t give up. Each day try to make this practice take 5 minutes. Sometimes that means giving the visualization a little more detail. It might mean don’t rush through the visualization, slow down the images and actually take time to see the energy work through your body. What ever you need to do, do it so your meditation takes a full 5 minutes.

After 4 weeks of this (yes take a full month to work on this one step), add another 5 minutes to your routine. After the cleansing, take your usual shower. Then sit down in the tub with the water still flowing (I recommend a shower massage on your shoulders for this, it’s wonderful!). Close your eyes and imagine your conscious mind moving up to your spiritual super-consciousness. Think of this place as your spiritual sanctuary. Let the environment appear to you as it may. Take note of what it is and you’ll be able to come back to it anytime you need to find a moment of peace.

For this step, I’d rather not give an example because I don’t want you to think of a pre-existing place. Your sanctuary is going to be unique to you. So don’t ask someone else if they have one or what it might look like. Trust yourself and your own abilities to find your sanctuary. It will come to you, if you allow it too. But don’t give up. If you don’t see it on the first try, that’s ok. Keep trying to add this to your routine each day and it will happen.

Visit this place for at least 3 weeks. Then add another 5 minutes to your routine. Do the same thing, but after you reach your sanctuary allow the Divine to help direct your attention to what you need to see on a spiritual level. Be it lessons, issues, answers to questions you may have or whatever. Spend time being within the spirit of self and seeing your world from a higher Divine perspective. This is the free flowing of energy between your higher consciousness and the Divine Universe. So give it time to unfold to you as it will. Here you’re simply working on focusing on the moment and the ability to simply ‘be’.

Take about 4 weeks on this process. Then try moving your 15-minutes of meditation out of the shower. Start with once a week and work up to a regular meditation routine of at least 3 times a week. After a month of this, start adding 5 minutes to the end of your meditation in your spiritual sanctuary, until you have expanded your time to 30 minutes. Each time ask the Divine what are you supposed to be working on today. How can you empower your practice with Divine energy. What are you to learn during your meditation for your own enlightenment.

Ask anything you like and allow the answers to flow as they may. They might be visions, they might be words you hear in your head, they might simply be a sense of knowing. But trust what comes to you. If you feel you can’t trust an answer, then ask your Spirit Guides to help you clear out the doubt and determine if this is what you want to see or is it really what you need?

The more you ask your guides for help, the more you’ll be able to see and hear their guidance. But you must first work on getting your brain out of the physical and into the spiritual. How much effort and time you put toward the steps in the shower will determine how quickly you can advance to the next level of meditation. The key is to be patient with yourself. Each person is unique and will take varying amounts of time and effort to achieve their goals of meditation. But you can accomplish those goals if you stick to it and give yourself time to make it happen.

Good luck! Remember, you can do this!

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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