The 5 Minute Meditation For Balance


Take 5 Minutes To Balance Your Energy

Balancing Your Energies

Meditation in both forms of devotional and non-spiritual exercise has been shown to be beneficial for relieving stress, improving health and increasing productivity. But for many it’s more than an alternative medical approach to dealing with stress and anxiety. You can read more about the Proven Benefits of Meditation, even if you don’t include a spiritual aspect to the practice.

Too much of anything isn’t a good place to be. Living too much “up there” or “out there” can keep you from paying attention to the physical world you’re currently part of. Being flighty can create unwanted circumstances that cause you to drop things, miss things, or keep you from thinking clearly about what’s at hand or needs to get done.

Feeling weighed down, heavy or dragging across the Earth is also an extreme that can cause problems. It can pull you down into despair, sadness and create a lack of desire or energy to do anything that needs to be done.

Each side of the pendulum of energy has its bad parts. But it only takes a few moments to balance your energy and ground when you’re too flighty or lift your emotions when you’re weighed down. You don’t have to have a spiritual belief or a concept of a Divine force either.

In today’s world meditation is viewed from two perspectives, from the spiritual form of enlightenment and becoming one with spirit. Or through the eyes of mainstream medicine as a non-denominational practice that can relieve stress.If a non-denominational practice interests you, try the 5 Minute Meditation. But you might want to check this Balance meditation out to give you some ideas for how balancing your energy can be accomplished. Even Eintstein said “Thought is energy. To create it, use your imagination.”

The 5 Minute Meditation for Balance:

The following is a quick process for a 5 Minute Meditation exercise to balance your energies. If you’re at work, you can do this at your desk, schedule a conference room where you can be alone or share the time with a few co-workers. You can even take a break and go to your car or a local park, sit under a tree on the far side of the parking lot or simply hide in the store-room for a few minutes.

If you’re at home, sit on the edge of the couch, or in a warm bath to find a moment of relaxation. Any place in or around your home that gives you a few moments of solitude will do. You can take 5 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed, or 5 minutes before you lay down and go to sleep at night. Extend your morning shower and incorporate the flowing water into your visualization to wash out the stress. The options are endless and only limited by your own imagination.

meditationAs a spiritual practice you may want to light a candle and say a simple prayer before you begin. Some people prefer to conduct their meditation before a small altar in their home. Others enjoy using a portable altar that they can take with them to any location inside or outside. Simply make sure any items you may use are safe for your surroundings. In today’s world of smart phones and tablets, you can even find an animated image to display with an altar, a candle or whatever makes you feel relaxed to display before your eyes and inspire you to relax.

What works for someone else may not work for you. So try different methods, or different situations to take your 5 minutes of relaxation each day.

In this exercises we’re going to talk about beams of light and energy. If you’re not a spiritual person, you don’t have to associate this light or energy as anything supernatural. Every energy in the Universe has a color, speed of movement and a sound. You can imagine this energy as light on a spectrum as part of cosmic particles. What you see and envision is entirely up to you.

  • Begin by sitting comfortably in an upright position. Rest your hands and arms in your lap. Palms up.
  • Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose, but exhale through your mouth. The key here is to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. And then exhale to your fullest ability as well.
    If you want to add a simple visualization, try this:

    • As you inhale, imagine you’re building a ball of energy in your lungs that begins to grow and expand with each breath. Make it as pure white as you can imagine. A blinding sun lit snow kind of white. This is your inner force-field that pushes the negative energies within the physical body out.
    • As you exhale, imagine all your stress, anxiety and negative energy being pushed out of your body as if it is being forced out of your physical being with the power of your inner force-field. Exhale through your mouth and see a gray smoke of negative energy leaving through your mouth.  Image this smoke rising out into space where it will dissipate and no longer cause harm to anyone.
  • After your 5 deep breaths, return to normal breathing and begin your exercise to balance your energies. We start with raising your energy with a simple visualization. Try to do this visualization for 2 minutes at least.

    • Focus on your solar plexus, this is where your rib cage meets at the bottom. Imagine a pure yellow ball of light, about the size of a baseball moving in a clockwise motion. As it spins, imagine a silver cord (like an electric extension cord), coming from this ball and move up your spine. See it travel up through your neck and up through the top of your head. Imagine it traveling through the ceiling, the roof, the atmosphere and far out into the depths of space. 
    • Way out there somewhere, so far away you can’t even see the end of your silver cord, imagine it plugging into the cosmic universal power plant. If that’s a super nova, or the a Divine source of all light; it’s up to you.
    • Once you’re plugged in, see the brilliance of white light travel through your silver cord as quick as a blink of your eyes. See it slow down at the last moment and gently enter the top of your head. Imagine the light traveling down your spine, entering your yellow ball of spinning light at your solar plexus.
    • Don’t mix these two energies together, instead see them as commingling and swirling around each other. Imagine the white light pulsating as it begins to fill your body, spreading out from your solar plexus and filling you up.  
  • Imagine that flow of energy continues its movement as you turn your attention to grounding your energy. Go back to your solar plexus and see another silver cord. This time, take it down your spine. Again you want to take about 2 minutes to do this.

    • See it move through the chair or whatever you’re sitting on. See it move through the ground, the bedrock, and the molten lava. Again imagine your electrical cord plug into the center core of the Earth. As it does, a brilliant and vibrant yellow/orange light travels up your cord. It quickly moves through the bedrock, the ground and gently enters your body at the base of your spine. See it move up and intertwine with the energies collected within your solar plexus. Swirling around each other as if welcoming family home for a visit.
    • Just as before, imagine this yellow/orange light growing and expanding through physical body. Extend your ‘shields’ as it were to push out any left over stress, anxiety and tension from your physical body. Nothing can resist or impede all this energy you’ve brought in from the Universe or from Earth. See both force fields grow and move out through your body until they both surround your physical being as a double shield of light extending about 4 feet around you. It’s so strong that if you were to open your eyes, everything you see would be tinted by these two colors of energy light.  
  • Hold this final image for about a minute. See yourself energized from above and below. Imagine the levels of your energy moving from their extreme to perfectly balanced and held steady in the middle of the scale. If you’ve felt flighty, imagine yourself “coming down” and feeling more balanced and grounded. If you’ve felt heavy and weighed down, see yourself releasing the anchors and standing up, feeling light flowing easily through this moment.
  • When you’re ready, take in one deep cleansing breath and open your eyes on the exhale. Knowing you are relaxed, energized and most importantly balanced!

If the things that are causing you stress pop into your mind while you’re conducting this meditation, simply wash them away with a wave, like the ocean clearing the sand at the beach. Put aside the lists, or reminders of what you may need to do after your meditation. Put aside any guilt about taking a few moments for yourself, and the worry that someone else is going to be upset with your 5 minutes of down time.

If your meditation takes longer than 5 minutes, keep practicing it. You’ll find it will go quicker as you gain experience. You can also change it up a little to cut some time here or shorten that part of the visualization there. But whatever you do, don’t give up. If you have a little more time and keep it longer than 5 minutes, you’ll reap benefits from that too.

This is just one method of meditation. Use it verbatim or change it up to fit your own personal interests and perspectives. If it inspires you to create your own 5 minute meditation process that’s great! Some people like to add music, others light incense or a candle (just make sure you’re allowed to do that if you’re at work). This is your 5 minutes, so put the process to work for YOU.

Good luck and I hope this short meditation can help those that need it the most!

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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