Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups – Inverted

Knight Of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Make sure your instincts aren’t being overshadowed by your insecurities. Others may not be taking your words as you intend them to be. But their responses may not be what you’re thinking they are trying to say either. Especially if the conversations aren’t in person and face to face. While you’re feeling upside down and under constant scrutiny, it’s easy to feel hurt and unfairly judged. But ask yourself, are you merely looking in the mirror? Are you being way to hard on yourself? Are you using others as a reflection of your own thinking? Stop it already! You’re adding more energy to that self-fulfilling prophecy from yesterday!

Additional Insight:

Are you seeing criticism from others, because of your own thinking of self? It’s time to clean the mirror and change the reflection. Things might still be up in the air and the resolutions unclear. But if you keep feeding the negative perspectives, you will attract more of the same kind of negative energy into your life and undermine all you’re trying to change.

Why can’t you believe that things really are going your way behind the scenes? Don’t you think you’ve worked hard to bring your dreams into reality? Of course you have! So give yourself some credit for trying and doing your best. Have faith that you really do deserve the rewards you’ve been struggling to obtain.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your hard work, you will slowly create the opportunity to fail. One little mistake today and you might spawn a giant block that stops your progress in its tracks a week or month or even a year from now. You’re so good at supporting others and working to keep their self-esteem up and positive. Why can’t you do that for your own reflection in the mirror? Why can’t you look at yourself and say those same words of support to YOU!

Don’t let frustration be the darkness that destroys your dreams.
Let patience be the moments you become one with your inner Divine Creation.
Springwolf 🐾 ©2011

Don’t let your frustrations at having to wait with patience be the moments of darkness that turn your thinking against your own interests. Instead view patience as a precious moment in time and space to connect with the wonderful person you are. Connect with the higher spiritual consciousness with in you and with Divine in your life. Align your energies with the unlimited energy of Divine Creation where ALL things are possible. Where Chaos is nothing more than explosion of energy that begins the Creation of all things. Including Love of self, belief that you deserve all you are working so hard for and the confidence in yourself that you can do this!

You can do all that you’ve laid out, planned for and worked on. You will rise from the fire of chaos and succeed. Like the Phoenix regenerating out of the ashes of its former self, you will be stronger, more resilient and with more energy because you have not only endured, but you have learned and become wiser. Now all you need to do is Love yourself with confidence and have faith in yourself to achieve! So let it be created, so let it be done!

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