Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The World


The World

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You have the world in your hands. Rule it with love and compassion, and it will serve you with abundance and success. Rule it with arrogance and disregard, and you will find the weight of the world is much more than you can handle. Don’t lose it all over pettiness. Let your kindness heal the little hurts and your garden will give you all that you need.

Additional Insight:

The optimist sees all the possibilities their world has to offer. Beyond the hard work and effort. they can see the beauty in all things and be grateful to have opportunities to learn, grow and attain wisdom.

The pessimist focuses on the stress and anxiety of having their world on their shoulders without help or support. Leading to anger, jealousy and angst.

Each view attracts more of the same perspectives into your life. So be cautious how your gut reactions face the events that cross your path. Even the hard lessons are bringing you an opportunity to learn and move beyond the hardship. Meet them with compassion to heal the self, love to respond to them with kindness and acceptance to make the changes needed to over come.

When we accept the lessons of life, good, bad or indifferent and we’re willing to change with love, we find it easier to move forward and we are more open to the rewards that come forth.


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