Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Hanged Fae – Inverted

The Hanged Fae - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Playing the part of the fool will not win you influence over those who matter. Be careful how you portray yourself. If you want to be seen as someone who deserves to be respected, then don’t be immature and childish. It might be cute for a moment or two, but in the end do you want to be treated as a child?

Additional Insight:

The image you put out to the world is the image others will see you as. Do you want to be taken seriously, as a person with knowledge, intelligence and who should be respected for their hard work and accomplishments? Then don’t throw that away by acting coy and immature.

There’s a big difference between acting silly once in a while to have fun and acting childish to get someone’s attention. If you want to be the person who can be trusted and respected than you must trust and respect yourself first. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

Remember you are the perfect embodiment of Divine creation. You are as you need to be to learn your lessons and work on your karmic debt/credit. Be comfortable in your own skin and others will treat you with the respect you show yourself.

If you don’t like something about yourself, you’re the only one who can change it. Whether its physical, emotional or mental; you’re the only one who can alter its impact on your life. If you don’t like being overweight, start walking. If you have a disability, change your attitude and stop seeing it as something that limits you. Everything in life can be changed through innovation, modification, adapting and overcoming.

Be that person who is seen as confident in themselves, but humble in their thoughts. And you’ll find you don’t have to pretend to meek and innocent to win the day. You can merely be yourself.

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