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The History Of Ostara – The ‘Spring Equinox’

newday-wolfThe Vernal Equinox – The Festival of Ēostre
By Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D.  🐾

The Spring Equinox festival is based in Germanic Paganism. Ēostre or Ostara (Northumbrian Old English: Ēostre; West Saxon Old English: Ēastre; Old High German: *Ôstara) is a goddess in Germanic paganism who, by way of the Germanic month bears her name.

As a pagan holiday Ostara is one of the more confusing and convoluted festivals in terms of its history. It’s claimed by German neo-Pagans, Norse, Saxon and Celt. Celts admit that holiday is not one of their original observances and therefore it’s accepted to be part of a reconstruction of old Celtic ways.

There is speculation that this holiday owes its roots to the Romans who took their holiday into the invasion of Ireland and even spread into Germanic cultures. However, this does not play out when one reviews Celtic or Germanic mythology and history. Continue reading


Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

When you share your gifts with others, they will share their abundance with you. You’ve said many times, what you put out – you receive back. But have you been sending out the best of intentions, positive energy, compassion and kindness? If you want these things in your life, you must give them freely to those around you.

Additional Insight:

The Divine Universe isn’t a chaotic place. It was created with natural laws to help keep balance in all things. These Universal Laws are in play with everything you do and think. And you know some of the important ones already. Your ultimate lesson here in this physical world is to live your life, make your choices and exist in balance with all things seen and unseen in your life and around your world.

Don’t merely give your beliefs lip service and expect others to live up to your standards when you’re not doing that yourself. You too need to apply them to your own life and actions. You can’t go around being angry and grumpy all the time and expect others to always bring happiness to you when they come around. Or be there for you when you need them.

Out of sight out of mind might keep negativity away from your world. But when you want those people to be part of your day, don’t be surprised if they don’t want to hear from you. Sometimes giving of yourself means allowing someone you care for to cry on your shoulder and vent their frustrations with condemnation or guilt for their plight. Don’t let someone complain and then dismiss their emotions as if they don’t have a right to feel them. Or invalidate their struggles simply because you can’t understand what they’re going through.

You get back, what you put out. You’ve said that about the actions of others who have wronged you. But how many times have you applied it to yourself? Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is free to you…your time, a listening ear, a strong shoulder. If you know someone who is struggling, helping them doesn’t necessarily mean giving them money or material things. Sometimes people who are facing hardship simply want to vent and get the frustrations out of their system for a little while.

When you share your gifts with others freely, be they talents, knowledge, your time, items of abundance or some other offering from self, you express your love and compassion to the world around you. Doing that allows the Divine Universe to bring that positive energy back to you and reward your efforts of kindness.

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