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Tonight On The Ænigma Project – Skinwalker Ranch

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The Ænigma Project – Mondays 9 PM EST

The Ænigma Project is a discussion group focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. Through multiple view points and experiences, we seek to enlighten our listeners and elucidate that which has become hidden beneath the many layers of misunderstanding and fear.

03/05 Our Topic: The Skinwalker Ranch, Utah
A 480 acre piece of isolated property in the Uinta Mountains region of Northeastern Utah. This is a true story. The name Skinwalkers comes from the Navaho’s belief about shape-shifting witches who come from the ‘other side’. Early residents reported their cattle were being mutilated, their dogs were found incinerated, and the family reported seeing strange objects with lights hovering over their property. They were also terrified by the ongoing poltergeist-like activities happening inside their home. Doors often slammed shut, objects would disappear and later reappear, and strange sounds were heard coming from beneath their property that resembled movement of heavy machinery. The family even claimed to have encountered a number of strange creatures on their property on several occasions. Creatures resembling Bigfoot, the alien from the movie Predator, and wolf-like animals were all reported with great detail. Continue reading


How Wolves Trained Humans!

The Alpha's

The Gift of Compassion

An Alternative Look At Domestication

This morning my husband shared an article with me that I had to share with you. In some ways because it fits today’s Tarot Meditation message.

As humans we often take credit for things we may not really have control over. We pat ourselves on the back and say aren’t we great and we forget that our success sometimes comes from the opportunities other provide. Even when those “others” are from the kingdom of Nature.

Opinion: We Didn’t Domesticate Dogs. They Domesticated Us.
Scientists argue that friendly wolves sought out humans.
Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods
for National Geographic News
Published March 3, 2013 Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Judgement – Inverted

Judgement - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Toot your own horn with confidence. Don’t let the nay-sayer’s get you down and disrupt the good feelings. You know who you are when you look in the mirror. You know how far you’ve come. Be cautious of boasting, of too much ego; but allow yourself to be different and proud of yourself.

Additional Insight:

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. What someone else sees will depend on what glasses they wear. If they don’t have pride in themselves, they’ll see you as arrogant. If they hold confidence within their own being, they’ll see you as confident.

It’s ok to celebrate your successes and stand with pride over your accomplishments! But how you show the world your excitement and self-confidence will make a difference as well. Be careful not to boast to loudly. It’s ok to say I’m happy I was able to do this or that. But it’s also important to remember that others helped you get there.

Being different isn’t a bad thing. You may approach things from a different angle than others, but it’s that alternative perspective that can help you succeed where others fail. So celebrate your uniqueness with humble gratitude and appreciation. But with pride in your accomplishment and in yourself. You deserve it.

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