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Standing Up For Your Work

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Sometimes authors, artists or anyone who creates intellectual property may need to submit a request to an individual or individuals who have taken their material without permission. The first thing to know is that your intellectual property is protected through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Unfortunately this week I’ve had the need (twice actually) to submit a cease and desist order to someone who copied material from my blog without permission and seemed to have claim it as their own work. Never a good thing. And sadly I think it’s some what worse for spiritual material. There is karma involved here after all.

After doing a little research and talking to my legal adviser I thought perhaps others could use this information as well. I’ve shared some information, resource links and the general process here on a new page About The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I hope you never need it, but I hope if you do, this information helps.

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