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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Life is filled with cycles that start and end on a regular basis. Each chapter brings opportunity for growth and a chance to gain a step closer to enlightenment. The future is not something to be feared simply because you’re closing the past. Some of the things behind you, need to be left there for your own good. Shed a tear and move on.

Additional Insight:

There are many chapters in our book of life. Some we write and some we’re merely passing characters in someone else’s play. Those little scene often start quickly, run for a time and end just as quickly. We never, if ever give them a second thought.

But then there are those chapters that we give special meaning to and we hope they run their course and turn out the way we dream. When they do, we enjoy the ride and smile, but we often take them for granted.

When they don’t we set them in a pool of drama hold regrets, sorrows, what if’s, what would have, or what should haves. None of which would have made a difference, but we fool ourselves into thinking they would.

It’s ok to shed a tear or two over what was. No matter what it was, the loss of a family member, a pet, a relationship or a job, it served it’s purpose in your chapter and it was time for those involved to move on. It doesn’t matter what it was, or how important it was in your life. Relationships come and go. Arguments don’t last for ever, unless you allow them to control your life and thoughts.

Each time you say “I won’t let them get away with this”, you are placing that anchor deeper into the ground. You’re making it that much harder to let it go and become free of its control over your success and change for the better. Each time you think of that resentment, that negative phrase or the hateful word, you are giving it more power over you. And no manner of positive thinking will release you into the future until you have freed yourself from that heavy weighty anchor of pain.

It’s time for you to move on. We may not understand the reasons behind the final scene. We may not know “why” until we’re gone and rest in the realm of spirit. But if we dwell on those things now, in this lifetime, at this point the circle, we can cause the wheel to fall backwards and become stuck in the mud.

Cry your tear today. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and the mirror and tell yourself “You’re going to be ok”, “You’re strong and you will move forward”, “I AM ready to move into the future and discover the adventure that’s waiting for ME to arrive”, “I can, because I’m one with the Divine Universal Creation”, “I love me and that’s what is most important today”.

Now stop the sorrow, worry and negative talk. Smile and look into the next minute, the next hour and the next day. DO what you need to do to move to the next chapter of your adventure.

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