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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Wands

Knight Of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You’ve fought the war, now take some time to rest a bit. There’s no need to continue the fight when the only one you’re fighting is yourself. Let go of the anger, frustration and worry.  If you want the battles to be over, you must start acting like they are. You’re only attracting more of the same and prolonging a war that doesn’t need to be fought in the first place.

Additional Insight:

Trying to survive and endure is admirable, but sometimes it can prolong the war. Rest a bit today from the battles. Work on truly changing your focus from struggle and worry to release. “Let go and let God” (who ever that Divine source is for you). You’ve done your part.

At some point you simply have to let it go. Whither it’s something you were trying to keep, or something you’ve been fighting to move away from, there comes a time to let it go. If it was meant to be, all the work you’ve done will make it so. Now it’s time to release it and allow the Divine Universe to manifest the right energy for your path ahead.

So today when someone wants to drag you onto the battlefield, simply hold your tongue. Take a deep breath and release the anger. Don’t allow others to control your emotions and bait you into a fight. Walk away, say goodbye and hang up the phone. Do whatever you need to do, but don’t walk into another unnecessary skirmish.

Start changing your life in the here and now. Find contentment within, control your day the way YOU want it to go and let others control theirs by the way they choose. You don’t have to walk their path. You cannot learn their lessons for them. You cannot “make” them do what you demand or desire. So simply … let it go. And move on. Find your happiness again and smile.

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