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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Cups

3 of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Have some compassion for yourself, your whole self (mind/body/spirit). Being honest with yourself to change negative patterns or thinking doesn’t mean you must be overly critical. Feeling guilty is simply another form of negative thinking. Show some kindness and acceptance, smile, laugh and begin a new perspective to heal old wounds. Fill your cups with love of self.

Additional Insight:

There’s no difference between someone you trust criticizing your actions and you doing the same thing to yourself. Actually you doing it is worse. You can admit you made mistakes, but there’s no reason to drag you down in an attempt to punish yourself for it or them.

What’s done is done. You can apologize, you try to make amends, but you will only make things worse if you keep trying to compensate by degrading your choices and actions. Give yourself a break. Haven’t you been through enough already? Let go means…Let Go! Get over it. Drop it. Stop dwelling on it. Move on! Don’t give it another thought!

Love yourself has been the theme of this weeks messages. That’s not a quaint message that one says when talking about their spiritual path. It’s a tangible action that will make a difference in your life! It overcomes the negative guilt feelings, the self criticisms, the sorrow over what could have been or should have been, or even should have done.

When you love yourself, you hold yourself in respect. You show yourself care and compassion. You build self-esteem and empower your thoughts and actions that can propel you forward to success and achievement. You create a desire to stand tall, align your mind/body/spirit with the Divine in your life and create a sense of “I am worthy”.  This expression of Love of self will open doors and attract more of the same into your being, and into your life.

You’re worthy of being loved. You’re worthy of being appreciated. You’re worthy of achieving your goals. You’re worthy of attaining abundance in mind, body, spirit. And yes that includes financial and material success as well. You are worthy! Start believing it and allow the energy of Divine Creation into your day. You might find the magik of the Triple Goddess..already within you.

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