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Today’s Number: 444

444th Post On Springwolf Reflections

444th Post On Springwolf Reflections

Reflections Hits 444 Posts

The number 4 has always been significant in my life and over time it has come to be my lucky number, as well as, my favorite number. So today when I posted the Daily Tarot Meditation message and noticed the next post would be the 444th here on Springwolf Reflections, I took notice.

This post..this one right the 444th Post I’ve made on my new blog since it began February 1st, 2012. Yeah!! That deserved some type of celebration! And it’s a good time to show how we can use numerology in our every day lives.

Numbers like this don’t have to represent something to the world. Such as the date 12/12/12; December 12, 2012. They can be any number, or series of numbers that gain your attention or hold special meaning to you. In my case, that special number is 4. Which has corresponded to things like the time I was born, 4:48am. The birth of my son on the 4th at 6:45pm. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords

Knight Of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stake your ground and don’t let others push you away from what you’ve already achieved. You can stand up for yourself without being aggressive or physical.  Ignoring the fight will not make it go away and in some cases it could make it worse. Have enough compassion and respect for yourself to defend what you’ve worked to achieve.

Additional Insight:

It’s one thing to be a pacifist and work for peace. It’s another to allow another to bully you and not defend yourself against their continual attacks. You can block their slaps or punches without throwing a punch back. Being a pacifist doesn’t mean disrespecting yourself so much that you allow your physical body to be harmed. No Bullies Allowed Here!

That’s true even if the attacks are mental or emotional. At home, school or in business there will always be someone who tries to bully their way into power or into power over you. They want something, or everything for nothing. You have the choice to respect yourself enough to defend who you are and what you have worked so hard to accomplish. Use your fear or trepidation as an energy source to stand up and yell “enough”.

Take a moment to align your energy with the Divine protection in your life and strengthen your resolve to innovate, adapt and overcome. Your adversary can’t do that, because they come at you from a place of darkness where they cannot see through their own fears.  Your peaceful actions and show of strength will gain you respect and acknowledgement. And you might even become an inspiration to those around you who need an example of goodness in their own lives.

Heroes aren’t the people who are brave and have no fear or don’t consider the consequences of their actions. They are people who stand up for others, regardless of their own overwhelming fear. Be the hero you need for yourself today! You are so much stronger than you think you are. Because you have already endured so much and over come some of the greatest obstacles that have ever crossed your path.

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