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Tonight On The Ænigma Project – The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Ænigma Project – Mondays 9 PM EST

The Ænigma Project Mondays 9 PM EST
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The Ænigma Project is a discussion group focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. Through multiple view points and experiences, we seek to enlighten our listeners and elucidate that which has become hidden beneath the many layers of misunderstanding and fear.

01/21 Our Topic: Anneliese Michel the Truth Behind the Exorcism of Emily Rose
The real-life case that inspired the movie: The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Who was Anneliese Michel? Was she really possessed by demons and tortured daily, or was she a mentally unstable young lady who needed psychiatric treatment? Were her parents and local clergy guilty of neglect and ultimately responsible for her death?.

Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor, play “Truth or Tale” and talk about the news of the day.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stress, strife and anxiety aren’t the only characteristics from the Swords. So is strength, endurance, and fortitude. Which emotion you experience is totally up to you. You can allow the negativity to overwhelm you and zap you of your energy. Or you can rest upon love and compassion and find strength in the things that truly have value in your life. It’s your choice.

Additional Insight:

Sometimes you can fight so hard to keep everything in your life right where it is, that you lose sight of the how life has changed around you. Don’t long for what has been or what was. Don’t wish for things to be like they used to be. Those “things” don’t fit into your life, your world or your spiritual existence today.

Let go of the hardships by changing your view of the future. It’s nothing like what you’ve known. It’s new, different and can be brighter and much better than even you can imagine. What was once out of reach is now a fingertip away. The only thing keeping you from grasping the brass ring, is the anchor you’re holding in the past.

You can stay the course and continue the negative view, replay the negative movie in your head and imagine what you would have said, or should have done, or even what you would have liked to have done to those who crossed you months or even years ago. Stop blaming yourself for what has happened. Stop taking on all the responsibility for how things have developed. You’re not the only one in this world. You had a little help. All that negative vibration does is keep you from creating the dreams of the future that you allow yourself to envision.

For your own sake, let go already! Don’t simply say you have, or you’re trying to do it. Get off your butt and do what needs to be done, right now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Do or don’t do, there is no try.

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I attract and acquire more happiness and financial abundance than I know what to do with!

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