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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Wands – Inverted

9 of Wands Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Get some rest and relax. Be careful you’re not over taxing your physical abilities or health. There’s no need to tie yourself up in knots over the little things that pass through life. Let others do the thinking for a little while. You need time to yourself to sleep, dream and prepare to stake your claim to what’s yours next week. For now, the scales are tilted in your favor. So you can unwind without fear or worry!

Additional Insight:

There’s no need to spend the day trying to over do anything, physically, mentally or emotionally. Not now and not through the weekend. You’ve gotten an awful lot done this week and it’s ok to slow down and unwind a little. Get your normal work done, but let yourself have a little break too. Take a long lunch or maybe leave a little early from work today. No one that matters is going to care because they know how hard you’ve been working. But do work it out with the boss first. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Wands – Inverted

Knight of Wands: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Keep your eye on things today, you could be missing something important. Don’t put off a task you know you’ve needed to take care of, but have been avoiding. You are surrounded by Divine protection and creative energy. Take advantage of that shield and make things happen. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Additional Insight:

There’s a lot of gold in today’s card and there’s a message behind that appearance. Darker Vibrant Yellow Shades such as Gold: denote Divine protection or Spiritual shields of energy.

While Wands Represent the essence of Enterprise & Inaction, Inspiration & Pessimism, Distinction & Disregard.

Be vigilant today and take care of long-standing tasks that you’ve been neglecting. You’re allowing your imagination to get the better of you and create a sense of dread. That desire to ignore the issues won’t make them go away, but could make them much worse than they need to be. Even if it’s something as simple as stopping by the mailbox and picking up the letters from this week. You have messages that need to be seen and dealt with and they’re not the big bad news you think they might be. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You have more than enough in your baskets to get you through the season. But be watchful, as someone is scheming to take what you have. Watch your back and make sure you have copies of your work and maintain your correspondence. You may need them to prove your innocence. But don’t let that negative energy cloud your day. It’s a good time to be thankful and to feel blessed.

Additional Insight:

While you’re busy being focused on personal issues, someone is using your distraction as an opportunity to grab what you’ve acquired. Be careful throughout the day and make sure you have a good inventory to fall back on. You may need to prove what you have is yours.

It’s important however, that you don’t dwell on the negative actions of others. Don’t let it overwhelm you or make you paranoid. That’s exactly what they need you to do. As long as you’re contemplating and over thinking things, you’ll be inattentive and unfocused which could cause a mistake in your work. Simply keep track of where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Cups – Inverted

Three of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Even when you turn things upside down, you make the choice for how you feel in Mind, Body and Spirit. It doesn’t have to be a challenging day. In every adversity there’s a lesson to be learned. Instead of getting angry or depressed, look for what the situation is trying to teach you. Accept the opportunity to change the pattern. Learn from it and you’ll never have to repeat it again. Even the hard lessons are blessings that can bring happiness.

Additional Insight:

Breaking patterns is not an easy thing to do. But as we age, we repeat events that were brought earlier in life intended to progress our soul toward enlightenment. They may have been karmic or spiritual experiences we needed to go through in order to view things differently. Whatever instigated them, they won’t be resolved until we accept their presence and choose a better way through the events surrounding the turmoil.
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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Share the abundance and bring everyone together. Hoarding it all to yourself will create animosity and anger. You’re not the only one who has been doing without. So take some time to help others who have been struggling as much as you have. There’s more than enough to go around.

Additional Insight:

Abundance comes in many forms. It’s not just financial abundance that can make a difference in the lives of family and friends. And there have been plenty of people who have helped you out over the past several years. Even the small things like sharing a free meal or dropping a cake by so you can celebrate a special occasion. Maybe even making room out of their day to drive you somewhere for an important errand.

The little things matter, because the big things don’t come around very often. Everything you need is right in front of you. Enjoy it. Don’t allow the tiny weeds to wreck your good fortune and keep you in a state of stress, anxiety and short tempers.
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Our Best Day Ever … So Far

Be Inspired To Dance YOUR Dance

Be Inspired To Dance YOUR Dance

Thank You For Visiting

Yesterday, May 13th 2016,  Springwolf Reflections had its single Best Day for visits and views! It took 2 years to surpass our first Best Day Ever, June 13th 2014. Another Friday the 13th event.  That was the Full Moon Friday the 13th and thought we’d never have another big day like that again. After all, the Full Moon doesn’t fall on a Friday 13th very often. And while we like Springwolf Reflections a lot, it was surprising that 6,081 visitors liked us on that day in 2014.

I’m not sure why yesterday’s Friday the 13th, May 2016 was so popular. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. It’s also a good time to evaluate the information both on an analytical front and a numerological view.

The event is also worth celebrating and we couldn’t do it without all of YOU! We’re all humbled by your kindness and willingness to share my little blog and words with the world. Thank you, very much for helping to make our day a success.

Sometimes tracking the numbers makes you realize, the world isn’t as different as it pretends to be. We are all connected and intertwined by little events every day.

Our Best Days …. So Far:
Friday the 13th, May 2016 – 7448 views
Friday the 13th, June 2014 – 6,081 views
Friday the 13th September 2013 – 788 views

The Stats
First we’ll look at the stats and then we’ll do a little numerology to determine their meaning and value. One of the things I really like about WordPress blogs is the ability to add JetPack. This add-on allows you to track the analytics of your posts and traffic. By seeing which posts are more popular, you can tailor your blog with those topics or types of interests. You can also see where your visitors come from and how long they stay.  Here’s the analytical stats for Springwolf Reflections from yesterday. Continue reading

Next On The Ænigma Project – The Men In Black

Get Your Tinfoil Hat
and Join Us Live!

The Ænigma Project – Mondays 8 PM EST

The Ænigma Project is a discussion group focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. Through multiple view points and experiences, we seek to enlighten our listeners and elucidate that which has become hidden beneath the many layers of misunderstanding and fear.

Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor of the spiritual and paranormal. Be part of the Ænigmite Crew and play “Truth or Tale”, see if you can tell the stories that are real, from those that are made up. And find out what the latest strange or paranormal is being talked about for the week as we discuss the “News of the Day”.

Tune in tonight for our LIVE broadcast. The radio link on our ListenLIVE page will update for tonight’s show as soon as we go LIVE. You will see the Listen bar change and update for tonight’s scheduled topic. This is your queue to tune in, sit back and enjoy our discussion.

To get into the chat room, scroll down below the radio Listen Bar and you’ll find our new chat room. You can join in the chat to share your perspective on our topic or ask questions for the panel to contemplate and address. You can also sit outside the room and simply watch the discussion. No need to sign-in if you don’t want to. Our chat room regulars are always posting pictures, sharing some laughs and even having thoughtful discussions on their own.

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Animal Sign – Virginia Black RatSnake

Eastern Ratsnake

Eastern Ratsnake – Virginia Herpetological Society
Picture by Paul Sattler

My Friday the 13th, 2016 Adventure

It seems fitting to have an encounter with a black animal on Friday the 13th. We have cats, and a wild black cat hangs around house now and then throughout the week. So for us, cats aren’t unusual.

But this afternoon while I was going out on an errand, I ran into some traffic at the security gate to our neighborhood. Now if you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you may know we live on large lake in a gated community. We have a great deal of wild life around here, including various types of snakes. In and out of the water. But I didn’t expect to see a snake in the road in the highest traffic area of our entire community.

As I was pulling up to the exit side of the gate house, I noticed something in the road. People were driving around it or right over it, but either way, careful not to hit it. When I approached, I realized it was a snake. Two of my favorite security guys were out there, keeping their distance with another resident pointing and looking at the snake. But they didn’t seem to know what to do about it. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star

The Star

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be the Star and create your own future. Go with the flow and allow the stream to take you where you need to be today. Fighting against the tied will only create havoc. So be easy going, follow the stream and you’ll discover opportunities that will allow you to make your own way over the mountain.

Additional Insight:

Let your sparkle shine and be noticed today. You provide the nurturing to your own creations and that will let them flow into public view. It’s not a day to sit quietly in your corner and hope the world sees you working hard and being dedicated. Sometimes you have to show the results of your endeavors to gain the attention you need to take things to the next level.

Don’t drown your sorrows or try to dull the emotions right now. You need all your wits about you for what’s to come. Running away isn’t going to solve the dilemma or promote your work. It’s only going to brand you as a ‘drama queen’. There’s no reason to be gloomy or down on yourself. It’s Friday the 13th, the day of transition and change! Welcome it. It’s a good day for letting things go your way.
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Happy Friday the 13th, 2016!

Black WolfMay 13, 2016

It’s another occurrence of the 13th falling on a Friday. And to Pagan’s that’s a good day!

Fear of Friday the 13th is known as triskaidekaphobes.

While the mainstream Western World runs in fear from Friday the 13th, many pagans should shed those made up connotations and revel in the day as one to be celebrated with joy and excitement. It’s a time to let go of the old that maybe holding you back and welcome in the new. It’s a day to honor the Divine (whatever that is to you) and connect with spirit for progress, and positive transformation. It’s a good day to create new ritual tools, such as carving a new wand, fashioning a new broom or even simply cleaning off your altar and re-organizing your supply closet.

Whither you’re Pagan or not, everyone here at Springwolf Reflections and Spring’s Haven would like to send out our wish for you to have a Wondrous and Happy Friday the 13th to One and All!

Learn more about Friday the 13th:


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