Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Wands – Inverted

9 of Wands Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Get some rest and relax. Be careful you’re not over taxing your physical abilities or health. There’s no need to tie yourself up in knots over the little things that pass through life. Let others do the thinking for a little while. You need time to yourself to sleep, dream and prepare to stake your claim to what’s yours next week. For now, the scales are tilted in your favor. So you can unwind without fear or worry!

Additional Insight:

There’s no need to spend the day trying to over do anything, physically, mentally or emotionally. Not now and not through the weekend. You’ve gotten an awful lot done this week and it’s ok to slow down and unwind a little. Get your normal work done, but let yourself have a little break too. Take a long lunch or maybe leave a little early from work today. No one that matters is going to care because they know how hard you’ve been working. But do work it out with the boss first.

Don’t plan any strenuous activities for the late afternoon or through the weekend either. If you have to do the basic chores, put on some music and make it fun. Dance your dance and lift your spirits. All the little errands or housework will go by much faster and leave a smile on your face too.

Then you can sit down, put your feet up and take a nap. You deserve some down time and space to recuperate. Don’t let anyone else make you feel guilty or angry because they haven’t done all they needed to do. They had time during the week to have the same chance at a little celebration or quiet weekend. You’re not responsible for their schedule, nor should you be made to suffer because they didn’t see the writing on the wall. Be compassionate, but don’t let them pull you down into their gloom.

By Monday, you’ll be ready to take on the new adventures. More importantly, you’ll be prepared for a battle that could be coming your way. But don’t worry, your part isn’t going to be a big role in the play. And you’ll come off the battlefield fairly early in the campaign unscathed. Just make sure you’re rested and relaxed. You’ll be able to think on your feet much easier than those who spent the weekend worrying and over thinking. That calm strength will be a great advantage in contrast to the frayed emotions and nervousness of those who are on the offense trying to cover their behinds.

So take some time for you. Enjoy your favorite pastime or spend the effort on expanding your spiritual path. Put your feet up and reap in the rewards of a job well done. Good for you! You’ve earned it, you deserve it and it’s yours for the taking. Give yourself time to balance your energies, dream a little dream and allow yourself to create and contemplate the positive. Let the magik fly around you today and throughout the next few days. It will set up the pattern of success and celebration that you’re due for the entire coming week.

Additional Reading:

Allow yourself to dream, dream big and believe it can happen. No matter how big it is, or how outlandish you might think it is. Dream! Here’s my latest dream:

2016 Bugati Chiron

2016 Bugatti Chiron
Yeah so what if it’s 2.8million dollars. I think it’s awesome!
And it’s my dream. So get your negative pessimism out of my head. 😉

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  1. Thank you so much, I look forward to cards everyday. You and your site have helped me so much. Blessings

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