Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Swords – Inverted

Six of Swords Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Every problem has a path to avoid the thorns, so make your choices carefully. Watch where you tread today and do your best not to get involved in someone else’s schemes. It could cost you a lot more than time and money. It could cost your reputation that you’ve finally started benefiting from. It’s a good time to stay to yourself and get your own tasks done. You’ll get ahead of schedule and stay out of the fray.

Additional Insight:

The start of the summer break begins here on Thursday. We’ll be on a little vacation beginning May 26th through June 6th. The Tarot Meditation drawing will return  June 9th.

Don’t become embroiled in a fight that isn’t yours out of angst, frustration and especially revenge. Those emotions will only feed the negative around you and attract more of the same. Be careful that you’re not being manipulated into a false sense of camaraderie. If you do get involved, much of what you’ve been working so hard on could wither and die. And you’ll have a very hard time getting back on your feet.

Instead approach the day with compassion and love. Listen to the complaints of those who seek your counsel, if you have to. But don’t get involved in their issue. Try to talk them down from doing something rash and suggest they wait a few days until after they calm down. But whatever you do, don’t help them scheme or implement their revenge. Play no part in their fight, not even to back them up, or validate their emotions or accusations. It’s not your fight, no matter how much you might benefit from a successful outcome. Even if you’re asked to be a witness to their allegations, make it clear you have nothing to do with this and don’t want to be involved. “I’ve got nothing to say about that” is a good phrase to remember.

It might be a good day to look the other way and focus on your own mission toward success. You have fewer obstacles and not as many vines hanging in your way. So there’s no need for the sword to cut your way through the clutter. Stay on your own path and work your own plan. If you don’t already have a to do list, write one up and stick to it. As you think of things through the day, add them to your list. Even if you think you remember all the projects you have to work on, don’t rely on your memory alone. It could be a hectic day and you need a little self reminder to make sure you stay on track. It could also come in handy as evidence that you have too much to do and don’t have time to chit-chat right now.

You’ll be in the know about what has transpired during the fight everyone else has been embroiled in. Take in the information, but do nothing with it. Don’t gossip and don’t try to be the spy on the inside of things. That too will be a detriment to your position and reputation. Keep your confidences  and leave it at that. Don’t give your feedback, opinion or input into the situation. It can’t be expressed enough: Stay out of it in every shape and form!

By the end of the business day, you’ll feel much lighter on your feet and very glad you weren’t trapped in the bottle of anger. It’s another day to cover your behind, retain your communications and maybe even make some backups for your work. Keep things safe and protected. And remember: Save and save often when it comes to digital data! You’ll be glad you did and when this storm is over, you could be the one holding all the cards; or important information.

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