Our Best Day Ever … So Far

Be Inspired To Dance YOUR Dance

Be Inspired To Dance YOUR Dance

Thank You For Visiting

Yesterday, May 13th 2016,  Springwolf Reflections had its single Best Day for visits and views! It took 2 years to surpass our first Best Day Ever, June 13th 2014. Another Friday the 13th event.  That was the Full Moon Friday the 13th and thought we’d never have another big day like that again. After all, the Full Moon doesn’t fall on a Friday 13th very often. And while we like Springwolf Reflections a lot, it was surprising that 6,081 visitors liked us on that day in 2014.

I’m not sure why yesterday’s Friday the 13th, May 2016 was so popular. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. It’s also a good time to evaluate the information both on an analytical front and a numerological view.

The event is also worth celebrating and we couldn’t do it without all of YOU! We’re all humbled by your kindness and willingness to share my little blog and words with the world. Thank you, very much for helping to make our day a success.

Sometimes tracking the numbers makes you realize, the world isn’t as different as it pretends to be. We are all connected and intertwined by little events every day.

Our Best Days …. So Far:
Friday the 13th, May 2016 – 7448 views
Friday the 13th, June 2014 – 6,081 views
Friday the 13th September 2013 – 788 views

The Stats
First we’ll look at the stats and then we’ll do a little numerology to determine their meaning and value. One of the things I really like about WordPress blogs is the ability to add JetPack. This add-on allows you to track the analytics of your posts and traffic. By seeing which posts are more popular, you can tailor your blog with those topics or types of interests. You can also see where your visitors come from and how long they stay.  Here’s the analytical stats for Springwolf Reflections from yesterday.

May 13th, 2016 - Our Best Day Ever - So Far

May 13th, 2016 – Our Best Day Ever – So Far

The Numerology Behind The Stats

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know that the number 4 is my favorite number and that it often shows up in my life when meaningful things happen. So I can’t let the number of views for our new Best Day Ever go by without a little analysis!

From a Shamanistic Numerology standpoint it’s even more applicable!

Actual Calculated Calculated Derived
7,448 7+4+4+8=23 2+3 5
  • Five – The number of chaos and creation, influences, and leadership.
    • This number is associated with Jupiter.
    • This number is associated with the Holly Tree.
    • This number is associated with the Wolf.
    • It represents Chaos and Creation (out of chaos comes creation).
    • Positive Direction: The number of leadership and the executive. This is the number of optimism and vision. Being able to see through the chaos and create success. Those with 5 in their life are assured of their own ability to succeed and create success even in adversity. They are adventurous and easily take risks.
    • Negative Direction: 5 can sometimes be too risky and make decisions based on a whim instead of inner intuition and research. They can over simplify, or live in a perspective of what could be instead of what is. While this might be beneficial in business, it’s detrimental in relationships and family.

Having the derived number associated with the Wolf makes me happy and it does seem appropriate for my blog. I like that it’s also an indication of leadership, as a Celtic Shaman and minister of my faith I try to share knowledge on my blog to empower all who read my articles. Being the number of optimism and vision supports yesterday’s Tarot Meditation message, something I noted yesterday with the connection of 13 being the number of change and transition. Along with the link between chaos and creation and our ability to succeed.  So here’s how we derive the number behind the best day

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