Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Cups – Inverted

Three of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Even when you turn things upside down, you make the choice for how you feel in Mind, Body and Spirit. It doesn’t have to be a challenging day. In every adversity there’s a lesson to be learned. Instead of getting angry or depressed, look for what the situation is trying to teach you. Accept the opportunity to change the pattern. Learn from it and you’ll never have to repeat it again. Even the hard lessons are blessings that can bring happiness.

Additional Insight:

Breaking patterns is not an easy thing to do. But as we age, we repeat events that were brought earlier in life intended to progress our soul toward enlightenment. They may have been karmic or spiritual experiences we needed to go through in order to view things differently. Whatever instigated them, they won’t be resolved until we accept their presence and choose a better way through the events surrounding the turmoil.

Today you may come across an important lesson that will touch every aspect of your being; your conscious mind, your physical body and the wisdom of your spirit. Don’t fight so hard to keep it at bay and prolong the issues associated with the experience. Be open to new perspectives and the flow of change. You can’t ignore this one. And if you continue to put it off, you’re likely to lose something, or someone very important to you.

Even when things seem to be going in the wrong direction, you can find elements of joy and happiness, along with aspects to be thankful for. Enjoy your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to stand together and be flexible in how you handle various situations. Be cautious of the principles you’re standing on, they could be inflaming the situation and making things worse. You’re not always right and there are many ways to tackle the obstacles that reside in front of you.

Be willing to change and do things differently this time around. Listen and actually hear what others are trying to communicate to you. Don’t dismiss the conversations because you simply want to jump to the end and resolve something. You could be missing a very big piece of the puzzle and set yourself up to fail once again. Sometimes it’s not for you “fix” the problem, but to listen and be supportive so you don’t have to repeat this challenge again, and again.

It’s a day to share insights and take in what others could be trying to tell you. You may not implement all the advice you receive. But you should consider taking some of it. By the day’s end, you’ll have the opportunity to resolve a big issue that’s been weighing on your mind. Take it and don’t let it fester. The more you put it off, the bigger it’s likely to get. And that isn’t good for anyone.

Communication is the key throughout the day. But don’t just talk at people, make sure you’re talking ‘with’ them. Hear what they have to say, try to put yourself in their shoes and look at whats happening from their perspective. Do it with calmness and compassion and you can gain a new insight behind the event and it’s message to you. Remember this isn’t about how others see the solutions, it’s about what ‘you’ see and how ‘you’ handle the conflict. Give it a go and you’ll acquire some much-needed understanding. By night fall you could finally be in a place of peace and you’ll be able to have a little celebration with those closest to you and put all this behind you.

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