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Confidence vs Arrogance

Confidence 2When Does Ego Become A Problem

What one person views as confidence, another person will view as arrogance. It’s a fine line that doesn’t exist on a set standard or a measuring tape or in the levels on a scale. It’s not a tangible thing that can be measured for everyone to share and compare. Because it’s based on perspective and everyone’s perception is different.

How you see yourself and your abilities will determine where that measuring stick is for you. Let’s give our stick a range of 1 to 10.

If you hold confidence in yourself, and believe in your abilities, your skill and experience than the bar for achieving arrogance will be set pretty high. Let’s put it around a level of 9 on the arrogance chart.

Consequently, if you’re someone who has self doubts in any or your abilities, skill, knowledge or experience, then your bar for achieving arrogance will be set lower. Let’s put that one at level 6 on the arrogance chart.

If you have self doubts, your always questioning your abilities, skill, knowledge or experiences and you’re unsure if you can do something successfully, then you may have serious confidence issues. Let’s put that down at level 3 on our arrogance chart. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil – Inverted

The Devil - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t let the seething anger compromise your morals and values. Everyone feels hurt from time to time. But if you allow those wounds to change your beliefs and perspectives, you will lose the larger battle of walking your own path, your own way. Don’t let the overwhelming frustrations of others swallow you up into their fears and anxieties. Take a deep breath, go within and find your way back to your place of peace and security.

Additional Insight:

The constant barrage of challenges are not specifically directed at you, so don’t take them personally. You’re simply standing between the fear of others and the truth they don’t want to see or face. As an innocent bystander you can fight back and get caught up in the fight. Or you can duck into an alley and let the war pass by. Find an alternative route to avoid the fray that isn’t yours to wage.

Some battles are worth fighting. Some battles are worth avoiding, as they take your eyes off what’s really going on behind the scenes. Make sure you’re not being misdirected or fooled into looking away from the real treachery. That could be the entire purpose of the latest battle and the hidden agenda that lay far from the fight itself. Continue reading