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Stop Waiting…

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Live For The Moment Of Now

Why do we wait for things to happen?
Is it because we hold so much internal fear that we’re afraid to move? Are we so used to the struggle we know that we’re paralyzed to make changes that can make things better?

Or is that we’re afraid of failure and of making things worse than they already are? Living your life for tomorrow will never help you get away from the trials of yesterday.

But when we live in the moment and take advantage of what’s here in the now, we give ourselves the chance to grab the opportunities that present themselves. The once in a lifetime happenings that suddenly appear out of no where. The moments that can change life forever, for the better and for everyone involved. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Swords

Two of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Put your dreams in a bubble, give them energy to grow and manifest, then set them free. At some point you must let go of the “dream” and start putting action into practice. You’ve planned, you have your ducks in a row. Stop delaying and start doing! It’s not going to manifest by itself! It really is time to start putting your action behind your words.

Additional Insight:

You keep finding excuses not to move forward with your plans. Why? Look around at the support you have. Look at the concrete planning you’ve done. You know what to do and you have the facts and solid steps to back it up.

Stop letting the fear of failure keep you from putting your well formed plans into action. Get your head out of the clouds and 20,000 feet view and come down to reality where action speaks louder than words. Failure is not going to creep up behind you, unless you choose it by sitting back and letting opportunity walk on by.

The longer you wait, the more chance you have of never getting what you dream and experiencing the success you long to achieve. By waiting, you allow others to step forward and claim the whole pie, simply because they took action first. How is that going to benefit your efforts to succeed? Continue reading

Happy March

Fairy and the Wolf by Islanimation

Fairy and the Wolf by Islanimation

The Month For Faeries

Just a little reminder that March is the month for Magik and Faery Blessings.

Pixie, leprechaun, faerie, brownie, sprite are all terms for these supernatural beings, thought to be helpful or harmful to people.   Faerie is the most general name for such beings: a good faerie is often referred to as a godmother (faerie godmother); but they may also cause misadventures for humans.

Stories and legends of wee magikal folk can be found all around the world. One reason they have so many names and varying characteristics. Some are larger than others, some are more magikal, or come at certain times of the year. Continue reading