Happy March

Fairy and the Wolf by Islanimation

Fairy and the Wolf by Islanimation

The Month For Faeries

Just a little reminder that March is the month for Magik and Faery Blessings.

Pixie, leprechaun, faerie, brownie, sprite are all terms for these supernatural beings, thought to be helpful or harmful to people.   Faerie is the most general name for such beings: a good faerie is often referred to as a godmother (faerie godmother); but they may also cause misadventures for humans.

Stories and legends of wee magikal folk can be found all around the world. One reason they have so many names and varying characteristics. Some are larger than others, some are more magikal, or come at certain times of the year.

A brownie is a good-natured tiny being who appears usually at night to do household tasks: more often outside chores, such as cutting the  lawn and tending weeds in flower beds. A pixie is usually a young, mischievous or roguish faerie. A Sprite refers to a faerie of pleasing appearance who is older than a fae and who is to be admired for ease and lightness of movement. Sprite can also refer to an impish or even hostile form of faery being. You can read a lot more about the Sprites, Faeries & Pixies on my site Pagan’s Path.

In the Celtic lands, March was often seen as the month of the Fae. Perhaps because it is the earliest days of spring. Even though the snow may not be over with, it’s the time when the earliest of flowers sneak up through the ground and brighten the dull grays of the winter season. It’s a sign that magik has returned to the green lands.

You might like to take some time to honor the faeries in your garden, or the fae of the woodlands, animals or nature in general. Bring some of your own magik into the beautiful green magikal month of March. It might even be a good time to cast a Faery Spell for Financial Abundance and Security.

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