Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil – Inverted

The Devil - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t let the seething anger compromise your morals and values. Everyone feels hurt from time to time. But if you allow those wounds to change your beliefs and perspectives, you will lose the larger battle of walking your own path, your own way. Don’t let the overwhelming frustrations of others swallow you up into their fears and anxieties. Take a deep breath, go within and find your way back to your place of peace and security.

Additional Insight:

The constant barrage of challenges are not specifically directed at you, so don’t take them personally. You’re simply standing between the fear of others and the truth they don’t want to see or face. As an innocent bystander you can fight back and get caught up in the fight. Or you can duck into an alley and let the war pass by. Find an alternative route to avoid the fray that isn’t yours to wage.

Some battles are worth fighting. Some battles are worth avoiding, as they take your eyes off what’s really going on behind the scenes. Make sure you’re not being misdirected or fooled into looking away from the real treachery. That could be the entire purpose of the latest battle and the hidden agenda that lay far from the fight itself.

You don’t need to fight every battle you see. The winds of change cannot be stopped. Take time to center your own energy and balance your emotions with intellect and perspective. Walk your talk with compassion, kindness and understanding. You will win the respect and admiration of even the most harden warrior by living true to your beliefs and words.

Maintain a cool head and clear view by remaining calm and not taking the bait to become emotional. Make sure you set up your defenses, fortify your shields and stand ready if the battle gets too close to home. Until then, keep an eye on the entire field so you don’t become one of those who is fooled by the misdirection.

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