Merry Christmas To One & All!

Merry Christmas
From everyone at Springwolf Reflections & Spring’s Haven
May the GreatSpirits shine brightly upon your path
bringing happiness & joy all the day through!


When do you feast?
Whither you’re Christian or Pagan, December 24th and 25th two of the days we all celebrate the birth of the Lord. For Christians that is the Lord Jesus. For Pagans it’s the Lord God of the Sun. Each religion honors this birth with the exchange of presents and a feast. But when you hold your feast might be influenced by where your ancestors came from? peace on earth

If you hold your feast on the 24th and exchange presents after your meal, your ancestors may have come from the Celtic lands. Pagans in the ancient world and today, begin their observance of the holiday at sunset. Part of the practice of following a lunar calendar. Each day ends and begins as the night falls across the land. While the observance of the lunar calendar may not be practiced in this day and age, the tradition of a “Christmas Eve” dinner and sharing presents still exists. Then Santa arrives in the night and the next morning there are more presents (typically unwrapped) to enjoy.

Cultures that accepted the Solar Calendar altered their celebrations to coincide with the 24 hour clock. Rome certainly fits that perspective. The Church then and now, make their observance with Midnight Mass on the “morning” of the 25th. Thus the traditional holiday feast is held on Christmas Day. Typically presents are left under the tree until the morning, when all wrapped presents are shared, even those from Santa.

And even if you don’t get what you asked for from Santa, remember there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Everything happens in its right time and place. There maybe a reason you cannot see for why you didn’t find what you asked for under your tree.

I asked for this…who knows..the keys would fit under the tree and I can run outside to the driveway, no problem!

Whatever your traditional observance, or whither your Pagan or Christian; we hope you have a wonderful loving and joyful day with your family and friends.

© Springwolfs Hanko

 © 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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