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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Strength is shown in the person who can resolve conflict without a fight. Don’t allow others to bait you into an argument that you have no part in, or simply because they are in a bad mood. Assurance can only go so far when trying to alleviate the insecurities others feel. In the end, it’s their issue to deal with. If they don’t trust you, then ask “Can they be trusted?”

Additional Insight:

What we don’t like about someone else is a reflection of ourselves. Those that have problems with trusting, are often the ones who cannot be trusted. The things they are doing behind your back are the same things they think they see you doing. Even when you’re not.

Don’t allow someone to bait you into an argument where you must defend yourself against something you haven’t done in the first place. It’s a ‘red herring’ for what’s really going on in the first place.

Don’t ignore those warning signs. You can try to assure those close to you that you’re loyal, you care and your trustworthy. But in the end it’s their own insecurities that must be changed and you cannot control that or fix it for them.

It may take today and through the weekend to work it out. But it’s better to put forth the effort now, than to let things fester and grow beneath the surface. Either you’ll find common ground and agree to help each other work it out to make lasting changes on both sides. Or it maybe time to say thank you for the time together and walk away.

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What Is A Spiritual Expert – Part III

Leadership, Guidance and Discernment

Be The Alpha LeaderWhether you want it or not, setting yourself up as an expert puts you in the role of a leader. Not everyone is cut out to lead and many don’t want this responsibility. But the moment you hang up your shingle and take on clients you are accepting the responsibilities of that role. So be prepared for it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re offering a single service, such as a psychic reader or holistic healer, even these one on one roles have a form of leadership. But the responsibilities of leadership are especially essential if you are taking on the role as teacher, guide or spiritual Minister/Priest/Priestess.

Don’t be afraid to apply the lessons you learned in other areas of your life to your spiritual profession. Whether you’re a house wife or a corporate professional, you have acquired skills that can be translated or transferred to your spiritual profession. Continue reading

The Art Of Communication – II

Expectations & Assumptions

Communication is one of those things that people often mess up with expectations and assumptions. We expect people to respond to our communications in a certain way and when they don’t many people don’t know what to do. Assumptions are equally as good at messing up communications as well. But the good thing is, they don’t have to with a few little changes in our thinking.

CommunicationI read an article recently by a journalist who shared a personal story relating to a miscommunication between her and her husband. Only I felt her conclusions to her story were missing a key point. She made assumptions that impacted her expectations and created the problem. Basically the short side of the story was this. The journalists husband was given the afternoon off because of a job well done on a recent project. He called his wife and told her about the nice reward. She decided to cancel her afternoon, pick their daughter up from school, ran by the grocery store and planned a nice special afternoon for the entire family. The time went by when her husband should have been home, but he had not arrived. Of course she tried to contact him on his cell phone, but there was no answer. Another hour went by and she was becoming angry. Two hours went by and her anger grew. Finally after 3 hours, in walks her husband all smiles and happy only to be met with her anger. She laid into him and in his defense he reciprocated the anger. In the argument he announced that his phone died and he didn’t have a way to charge it. Ok that explained the cell phone. His delay in coming home occurred because he took the opportunity to get a hair cut and stop by a store for shaving cream on his way home. Ok that explains where he was. Continue reading