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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Pentacles – Inverted

7 of Pentacles: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Watch your finances today. Don’t spend more than you have and on things you don’t need. While you’re not the only one suffering right now, you can make things worse by going over budget or having no budget at all. “Things” don’t bring happiness. But financial accountability can bring security and peace for a worried mind. Plan your finances for the next week carefully. Don’t give it all away! What energy you set up today will carry through the next several years!


Additional Insight:

Today’s message carries through the weekend and underlies the energy of next week. So be cautious about your finances!

It’s ok to try to help others in need, but when you do so at the expense of yourself or your family, you’re not doing anyone any favors. You can’t give it all away and hope that when you have a need that others will be there for you. Sadly not everyone is as compassionate and generous as you.

Be careful who you talk to and who you share information with. Some that you may have thought were friends that you could trust, may selfishly try to take advantage of you out of greed. Don’t let them disappoint you by holding them up to your expectations. Many won’t meet the mark. But remember that sometimes it’s ok to be selfish (when you’re quiet about it), and when you’re faced with self preservation! If you don’t speak your mind today, if you don’t runaway and hide your worries in the purchase of ‘things’, you’ll be ok in the long run. This is a time to be patient and plan for the marathon, not the sprint.

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The Art Of Communication – II

Expectations & Assumptions

Communication is one of those things that people often mess up with expectations and assumptions. We expect people to respond to our communications in a certain way and when they don’t many people don’t know what to do. Assumptions are equally as good at messing up communications as well. But the good thing is, they don’t have to with a few little changes in our thinking.

CommunicationI read an article recently by a journalist who shared a personal story relating to a miscommunication between her and her husband. Only I felt her conclusions to her story were missing a key point. She made assumptions that impacted her expectations and created the problem. Basically the short side of the story was this. The journalists husband was given the afternoon off because of a job well done on a recent project. He called his wife and told her about the nice reward. She decided to cancel her afternoon, pick their daughter up from school, ran by the grocery store and planned a nice special afternoon for the entire family. The time went by when her husband should have been home, but he had not arrived. Of course she tried to contact him on his cell phone, but there was no answer. Another hour went by and she was becoming angry. Two hours went by and her anger grew. Finally after 3 hours, in walks her husband all smiles and happy only to be met with her anger. She laid into him and in his defense he reciprocated the anger. In the argument he announced that his phone died and he didn’t have a way to charge it. Ok that explained the cell phone. His delay in coming home occurred because he took the opportunity to get a hair cut and stop by a store for shaving cream on his way home. Ok that explains where he was. Continue reading

The Art Of Communication Part I

How We Listen and Hear

Natural CommunicationCommunication is essential for every species on Mother Earth. It’s used for organizing a hunt for food, locating group members, mating, in play and in some cases for singing. No matter what the species, some form of communication is going on through vocalization and body language. Some animals may not ‘vocalize’ in the way we think of it, using sound vibration such as a cricket’s legs or lobster’s claws. But clicking, tweeting, howling or with words, communication is still going on all around us. The more complex the communication, the more room there is for miscommunication.

Which brings us to humans. Thanks to our ability to rationalize, we have often made a mess of communicating with others. We start at an early age trying to decipher tone and body language. We realize quickly what love, compassion, laughter and anger sound like. But even when we’re young it can be hard to distinguish between anger and frustration or compassion and love. Our elementary school teachers are often good at showing compassion, but many young children can’t distinguish that kindness from love, in the similar form that we receive from our parents. And body language is totally confusing with all of its subtleties, no matter what age you are. So we use our rationalization to read into what we hear or see and try to interpret the communication the best we can. Continue reading