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A Special Request From Spring’s Haven

Help us help others with consultation and counseling services on Skype & iPad’s Face to Face. For those who are shut-ins, out of state and overseas in the military. And receive a nice Perk for your gift in return. Check our many perks on the right of our campaign home page. Will you give a little to help a lot? 

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

In the past 6 months we have received an increase in requests from people asking for Skype or iPad face to face communications. Some of these people are shut ins, some simply can’t afford to travel to our location. I’d love to do this! But I’m limited by technology and financing.

We have even received requests from some military personnel stationed overseas who simply want someone to talk to and who holds the same spiritual beliefs as they do. These men and women are fighting for our freedoms, and they didn’t ask you what you believe in before they joined up and put their lives in harms way for you.

We’re looking to fill these requests through Skype and iPad Face to Face communication services. But we need your help to make this a reality! Will you give a little to help a lot?

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

The Campaign Solution

Score is a company of successful entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and experience to new small businesses. My Score adviser pointed out that a new laptop might limit offerings to both computer and tablet communications. She suggested instead, moving into the tablet market that can do both Skype and iPad Face to Face. Great, but there’s the question of funding. My company doesn’t have additional resources for something like this. Banks are holding on so tight to credit, that even trying to get a small business loan for something like this is extremely difficult. My adviser suggested internet funding.

Going on a search I found several articles, but one in particular peaked my interest. It was from American Express of all places; 10 Creative Ways To Get Your Business Funded. I used to love these people..I’m not sure why I stopped. Their small business website has been very helpful to me of late.

Any way, their article has a lot of good insight and advice. In particular their number 5 suggestion seems to be exactly what I was looking for:

5. Crowdfunding
A sister method to P2P, you can now get people to invest in “your cause” in exchange for something (other than money). This is a different source of funding since the money is not repaid. The rewards for donors range from receiving your first products to having a product named after them. Popular sites that facilitate crowdfunding include IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Remember: Crowdfunding is very emotional and its success is based on the appeal of your idea.

Now I have looked at Kickstarter in the past. It’s for projects of a creative nature. Say you want to create a movie, a book about art, travel your art around the country or fund a trip to a film festival. Kickstarter is your place. It’s not really set up for business ideas, expansions, general help and assistance.

But for business ideas, such as funding an idea to expand your services, the place to go is IndieGoGo. Ok so a bit more reading and researching and I decided to jump in with both feet and try my hand at establishing a campaign for a project. You never know what can happen until you ask. Others do it and find success, so why can’t we?

Help Us Help Others

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

I’m very thankful for the success I’ve had and the accomplishments I’ve achieved thus far. But I want to be able to do more and reach more people. I’m constantly being asked if I offer Skype or iPad Face to Face services. I don’t; only because I don’t have the technology to do this. My one and only lap top is old, no camera, no microphone and not enough computing capacity to add those things externally.

I’m looking to upgrade my technology to offer these services that my clients are asking for. I could do it with a computer, but that would be more expensive and it leaves out the tablet market. In researching the iPad I can skype and provide a wide range of face to face services through tablet apps. I’m looking for funding for 1 or ideally 2 iPads, both with iPad keyboards to make typing easier for some old fingers.

Your Perks

Get a personal reading from Springwolf!!!

If you enjoy the daily tarot meditation drawing here on Springwolf Reflections, perhaps you can give something back and get your own personal message in return!

These ideas rely on the barter system. By helping the campaign you get something in return. Think of it like giving money to your local PBS; “Give $25 or more and get a PBS mug”.

The World

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

I’ve set my campaign up to offer the same kind of tiered perk system. You choose the Perk you’d like in return for your gift; and Indiego will send you directly to PayPal to process your selection. Indiego only links you to PayPal; they do not handle anything else except the Perk selection.

  • $5 or more – Every little bit counts. Receive a heartfelt thank you email from Springwolf.
  • $25 or more – Receive a personal message through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf relating to the current situations in your life via eMail. (Similar to Spring’s daily tarot meditation drawing messages).
  • $50 or more – Receive a personal 3 card spread reading through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf relating to a current situation in your life via eMail. You ask a question, the cards provide the insight.
  • $100 or more – Receive a personal full Past, Present, Future reading (consists of three 3 card spreads) through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf via eMail, Skype or Face to Face. You ask 3 questions, the cards provide the insight. Receive your reading now via eMail or be one of our first clients on our new technology when it becomes available!

Now places like this don’t offer these things for free. They take a piece of the pie before they give it to you. In order to fund the desire technology we need almost $1,500. But IndieGoGo will take nearly $200 of that off the top. So I had to bump up our request for funding to cover their fee. Our goal then is $1,700 by October 31st. I thought Samhain would be a great time to end the fund-raiser, being the start of the Celtic New Year and all.

Check out our campaign, spread the word and help us out. I certainly would appreciate it! 

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

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