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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Cups

7 of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

When you sit in the seat of love and compassion, the world around is filled with brightness and abundance. You can clearly see the events of the past, present and future. And understand why the occurred, what they are trying to teach you and how they will manifest with the present patterns in place. If you don’t like those outcomes, now is the time to change them. The dreams you planted in July are already manifesting in the spiritual winds. Take time to think things through, ensure your visions contain what you really need and take time to alter your plans for those details that may not fit your dream. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.


You cannot change others, all you can do is change yourself. If there’s something in your life you don’t like; it’s up to you to alter how you face that issue. Whither it’s something about yourself, or an issue you face; when you change the pattern of energy, you can change the thing causing stress and strife. In doing this, you change the pattern not only in your life, but in how others react to you as well.

If your dreams rely on how others deal with you, then you must change those patterns you have control over. The ones within yourself. Make sure you have thought things through and created alternative plans in case others do no react the way you hope they will. Rose colored glasses are great when used to change your view of the negativity around you. But they can be dangerous when you refuse to look at the negative patterns you yourself feed energy into.

Be careful what you wish for, be careful how you plan your dreams. Make sure you work out the details and are open to alternatives if things need to be tweaked along the way. Don’t feel as though you must compromise everything, or settle for something less. But don’t be so set in stone that you can not go with the flow of Divine energy as it tries to help you manifest your desires in the best possible pattern of energy for you in this time and space.

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