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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Empress – Inverted

The Empress - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Give wings to your creations and let them fly into the Divine realm where they can grow and manifest. Work on the details of your dreams and plans. Today is not a day to make excuses for why you don’t have time for this. You’re only stretching out the struggle by putting other things first. Reset your priorities and focus on what will bring greater success in the weeks to come. Right now is not all you need to be focused on. Because right now will only last a moment. Bringing your dream into reality, will last forever.

Additional Insight:

Don’t bury your head and mind in the nitty gritty of the day’s details. While those things are important, they are not as imperative as bringing your dream into manifestation. “It only takes 15 minutes” is a short sighted view of the effort it takes to work on any project worthwhile. There is always another deadline to deal with, and each one will take your focus off the bigger picture.

Isn’t it time you worked on your own creation, instead of being upside down dealing with the needs of everyone else?

At some point you need to put YOU first and work on the plan that will bring you the most success. Don’t worry about the deadline, it can wait 6 hours, or even a day and still get done on time. The focus and hard work you give to everyone else, is something you deserve to give to yourself.

You’re worth the time and the effort to spend on what you desire. Put your thoughts and energy into you and you’ll attain the beauty of your blooming fall garden in no time.


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