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Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Of The Past & Forgiveness of Self

If you feel as though you’re carrying baggage around on your shoulders, your half way to letting go. In order to resolve issues or problems in your life, you must go through the process of Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Action and Letting Go. Acknowledgment and acceptance is often the easy steps to getting rid of unwanted emotional baggage.

The forgiveness, action and letting go are the hard parts. But through inner reflection, counseling and meditation, you can learn to forgive and let go. Sometimes forgiving and letting go on a spiritual level can help you release the pain and emotional hurt you feel on a physical level as well. Keep in mind that “Forgiveness isn’t for the other person or situation, it’s for YOU and it’s about healing yourself.” Continue reading


eMail Notifications From Reflections

eMail Notification Support

eMail Notification Support

Thank You For Following Our Blog

We’ve received an email today about receiving notifications from our Blog postings. We tried to respond, but the email was returned with an unknown eMail address. We care about the experience and interaction all our followers have with our blog.

So we thought we’d use this as an opportunity to share some support information in case others have an issue now or in the future.

Here’s the eMail we received:
I use to get a daily following of Springwolf Reflections, I no longer receive it so I tried singing up again and I am still not getting it. When I went to the support page I did not find the answer to getting the daily blog sent to my email. Please Help
Thank You

For this specific week, we’re on our winter hiatus until Monday, January 5th. The last daily message we posted here on Reflections was December 23rd.  If you’ve received notifications on the 29th and 30th, then you’re still receiving our postings. If not, check to see if your spam filter has changed and is blocking the wordpress notifications.

If that’s not the issue, or if you ever have problems with receiving notifications, contact WordPress Support and let them know of the problem. The follow and notification processes are created and maintained by WordPress and they can best resolve your notification issues.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections are honored and humbled when someone follows our blog. We’re thrilled and appreciate the shares each of you have made over these past few years. And we hope we can continue to provide quality content to keep you coming. Thank you all for continued support. It really does mean a lot to us.

Many Blessings,

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Internet Security Issues This Week

email-lostDoing Any Business/Transactions Online

You may have noticed your internet connection is slow today, or you’re having problems sending eMail this week. You’re not the only one. That’s because there’s a bug in a piece of software that is widely used by many companies across the board for internet connectivity. It’s called OpenSSL. And it’s important to understand how THIS AFFECTS YOU and why it’s so serious.

OpenSSL manages security behind the scenes for your secured connections. That’s social media, your own blog, even your email servers probably run on OpenSSL. It probably definitely affects your Bank Account, and potentially any secured transaction you use online. Financial, personal, medical and everything in between.

It will also impact the same transactions and connections you may use from your smart phone. So don’t think you can go from your PC to simply do what you need to do on your phone. You can’t get around this, unfortunately. Continue reading

We’re Having Technical Issues

Our Theme Customization Has Crashed

Don’t worry, if you’re looking for Springwolf Reflections, you really are at the right place. It seems something happened overnight and our theme header has reverted back to the original default. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but we’ve reported the issue to WordPress (who is our blog host) and we hope to have it resolved soon enough.

We really like our site’s header so we hope it’s fixed soon!


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