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eMail – Born Witches; Being Psychic

eMail Returned

eMail Returned

More eMail That Cannot Be Delivered

Once again let me remind folks that I cannot respond to your eMails if you don’t provide a valid email address. If I take the time to get through all the eMails I receive, the least folks can do, is make sure their address is correct so I can answer your question. PLEASE!

Today I received a question from:

Lauren,  who wrote:
————————- COMMENTS ————————-
Would you be able to give me info/advice on natural blood line born witches? I think I have some sort of pyschic abilities

Well Lauren, I couldn’t answer your question, because your email at Yahoo.com wasn’t valid and bounced back. So in an effort not to waste my time on replying, I’m going to answer it here and merely hope you see the response. At the very least, if someone else has had the same or similar question, I can answer them instead.

——————————————————————- Continue reading


eMail: Manifesting Spirits and Thoughts Into Physical Reality

The Magik of Animal Guides

The Magik of Spirit

I Love Interesting Questions!

Last week I shared an email I had received from someone who wasn’t so nice, and how I responded to their message. I’d like to take the opportunity to share a fabulously interesting email I received this week and perhaps show a little contrast.

I love getting email, I love answering questions from people on all levels of understanding and experience. People always apologize for asking basic questions, or being long-winded or for emailing in general. It’s really not necessary to apologize. If I didn’t want email I shouldn’t have put up a contact page and provided a mechanism to receive correspondence. So let’s face it, if I didn’t want to answer questions, I picked a pretty poor profession to avoid it!

I get a lot of email of various kinds and from all over the world. It may take me a few days to a few months to get through them all, but I do answer all of them. Receiving email comes and goes in waves. There are many more messages from fall to spring, especially between Samhain and Yule. And not so many in the summer between June and September. Now that makes sense here in the States. But our summer is the winter for the southern hemisphere and the pattern seems to follow along in the same way. That’s always confused me. But ok.

Now some emails I receive are more interesting than others of course. I love the questions that cause me to really sit back and think how I feel about the topic, or cause me to research a little before I can answer. It’s important to remember that most people share a belief, but that we often call things by different labels. So you might need to research a term or a phrase to discover if this question’s concept is something totally new to you, or is it a topic you’re familiar with that has been given a different name. Continue reading

Answering Leon In South Africa

eMail Notification Support

eMail Replies

Replying to eMails

It drives me a little nuts when people send me an email, asking a question that I’m happy to answer, only to have the eMail response bounced back because of an invalid eMail.  Ugh! That happened today.

Folks, I love answering eMail and trying to share information about something I’m passionate about in my life. But I can’t respond if you don’t tell me the right eMail address.

I try to research the eMail address to see if I can figure out where the mistake is. Usually the cause is a typeo, a .om where the c has been left out. Or mgail, where letters have been transposed. I can fix those and reply. But sometimes, not even I can solve the problem.

So I try to answer those eMail questions here, while still hiding the specific identity of the person who sent me the note. I hope that eventually the person recognizes that I’m talking about them and still receive their reply. So let me try that today for Leon. Continue reading

eMail Notifications From Reflections

eMail Notification Support

eMail Notification Support

Thank You For Following Our Blog

We’ve received an email today about receiving notifications from our Blog postings. We tried to respond, but the email was returned with an unknown eMail address. We care about the experience and interaction all our followers have with our blog.

So we thought we’d use this as an opportunity to share some support information in case others have an issue now or in the future.

Here’s the eMail we received:
I use to get a daily following of Springwolf Reflections, I no longer receive it so I tried singing up again and I am still not getting it. When I went to the support page I did not find the answer to getting the daily blog sent to my email. Please Help
Thank You

For this specific week, we’re on our winter hiatus until Monday, January 5th. The last daily message we posted here on Reflections was December 23rd.  If you’ve received notifications on the 29th and 30th, then you’re still receiving our postings. If not, check to see if your spam filter has changed and is blocking the wordpress notifications.

If that’s not the issue, or if you ever have problems with receiving notifications, contact WordPress Support and let them know of the problem. The follow and notification processes are created and maintained by WordPress and they can best resolve your notification issues.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections are honored and humbled when someone follows our blog. We’re thrilled and appreciate the shares each of you have made over these past few years. And we hope we can continue to provide quality content to keep you coming. Thank you all for continued support. It really does mean a lot to us.

Many Blessings,

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2015 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What To Do With Intolerance

Do I Get eMail! Egads!

Do I Get eMail! Egads!

Taking The Bait Or Rising Up Against Intolerance

It’s that time again… I get eMail. Boy do I get eMail. Some of you have started your own spiritual centers or business and have sent me messages about eMails like this one. You’ve asked how I might handle this situation or respond to that one.

When I get an off the wall email, I’m trying to share them and share how I handle responding to them. Sometimes not responding isn’t an option. People are coming to you out of a sincere perspective that you might be able to help them with their problem, or question. If you’re going to put yourself out there with a spiritual shingle and claiming to be a teacher or minister/priest or any type of expert, then you’re going to have to find a way to respond to everyone. No matter how crazy or annoying their email to you might be.

But there some tricks to figuring out if an email really needs a response or not. Sometimes you’ll receive a correspondence from someone trying to scam you, or get you to respond to bait you into a fight that they can then use against you and your reputation. Don’t take their bait!! Walk your walk and rise above their attempts to undermine your goals and your journey.  Here’s my latest “baiting for a fight” email. Continue reading

HeartBleed Update

email-losteMail Is Back Up and Running

Yesterday I shared a technogeek notice about the internet wide security bug known as HeartBleed. “Catastrophic is the right word. On the scale of one to 10, this is an 11,” blogged Bruce Schneier an internationally renowned security technologist, called a “security guru” by The Economist. This was truly a serious issue.

This bug was part of the security protocol that is widely used by a large part of the internet community world-wide and it was a fairly serious issue. It affected you whither or not you realized it.

This afternoon I’m beginning to receive notifications from the several host providers I work with explaining there was an issue and they have patched the bug to close the security hole. Of course they said it with a lot more techno-gargen, but the point is, they fixed it on their servers. Continue reading

Internet Security Issues This Week

email-lostDoing Any Business/Transactions Online

You may have noticed your internet connection is slow today, or you’re having problems sending eMail this week. You’re not the only one. That’s because there’s a bug in a piece of software that is widely used by many companies across the board for internet connectivity. It’s called OpenSSL. And it’s important to understand how THIS AFFECTS YOU and why it’s so serious.

OpenSSL manages security behind the scenes for your secured connections. That’s social media, your own blog, even your email servers probably run on OpenSSL. It probably definitely affects your Bank Account, and potentially any secured transaction you use online. Financial, personal, medical and everything in between.

It will also impact the same transactions and connections you may use from your smart phone. So don’t think you can go from your PC to simply do what you need to do on your phone. You can’t get around this, unfortunately. Continue reading

We’ve Caught Up

email-lostBack From The Holidays

We’ve caught up on voice and email from the holidays. If you left us a message, or sent an email to any of our websites, we’ve replied, answered, and scheduled appointments. If you didn’t receive a response than something went wrong. smiley-wink

Typically that means the email you provided for us to respond to didn’t work for some reason. If it was a typeo, we can usually figure it out. But not always. Sometimes it’s because you have your spam filter set tightly and we can’t get through. To fix that, you can allow mail from springshaven.com or paganspath.com.

Other times, we simply have no clue what happened. So if you sent us something in December or the first week of January, and didn’t hear back, send us a note again. You can get in touch with us through our contact pages, Spring’sHaven Contact or Pagan’sPath Contact. Be careful typing in your email address.

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Did You Recently Send Me An Email?

email-lostResponses Failed In Delivery

Today I was able to concentrate on my inbox and get through all my email correspondence. I love getting email from people around the world. I receive some very interesting questions, along with people asking for clarifications, sharing their experiences and asking for some insight.

It really is fun reading your stories and I’m truly honored that some of you feel safe in sharing personal items with me. I do everything I can to answer and address each and every piece of correspondence I receive. You took the time to write to me and I feel it’s my ethical duty to give you the time and consideration to send a response.

However …..
It’s really frustrating when I take the time to send a lengthy response only to have the email returned as undeliverable. If you have sent me an email, but haven’t received a response, chances are it didn’t come back because there was an issue with your email address.

Today I had 6 email failures and a couple of these were second responses to previous emails. I know those emails used to work, but they don’t exist now.

So if you didn’t get a response, let me know what your question was, make sure your email address is correct so I can respond and I’ll copy/paste the response I tried to send today. Just email me again and let me know you didn’t get an answer.

I really do want to answer your email, but I can’t intuitively decipher your email address. I’m good, but I’m not that good.  😉

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eMail Update – Up to January!

email2Catching Up

As many of you know I had a major computer crash at the end of last year. Consequently I wasn’t able to access my email for several weeks/months. And that affected both mail coming into SpringsHaven.com and PagansPath.com.

I’m back up and running but it’s taking a little longer to respond to all your messages. Don’t give up on me yet! I’m up to January now!

I’m getting there. Don’t give up on me.  I WILL answer each one personally.
© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2013 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.