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Answering Leon In South Africa

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Replying to eMails

It drives me a little nuts when people send me an email, asking a question that I’m happy to answer, only to have the eMail response bounced back because of an invalid eMail.  Ugh! That happened today.

Folks, I love answering eMail and trying to share information about something I’m passionate about in my life. But I can’t respond if you don’t tell me the right eMail address.

I try to research the eMail address to see if I can figure out where the mistake is. Usually the cause is a typeo, a .om where the c has been left out. Or mgail, where letters have been transposed. I can fix those and reply. But sometimes, not even I can solve the problem.

So I try to answer those eMail questions here, while still hiding the specific identity of the person who sent me the note. I hope that eventually the person recognizes that I’m talking about them and still receive their reply. So let me try that today for Leon. Continue reading

The Correspondence Of This and That

The Meaning Behind Correspondence Lists

Think For Yourself

People have been making associations between all sorts of things in life, in spirit, and in nature, for thousands of years. Partly because of the belief that all things are connected and interconnected. Partly because humans want to believe that there’s meaning behind everything that happens.  Therefore it makes sense that some things work together, in a similar manner, in a supportive direction, or for a common purpose. But why are there so many contradictory lists?

Why do some people say a black cat is bad luck and others say it’s a good omen? Why do some people say red is anger and others see it as passion? Why do some insist that the cardinal direction for North represents Divine Energy and others insist that the Divine is located in the East?

The answer is pretty easy actually and we can thank Einstein for putting it in scientific terms. Everything is relative to location.

Your location in the world, the evolution of the culture you live in, the history of your society, even the spiritual beliefs practiced in your region can all play a part in defining a list of correspondences that may come across your path. Simply put, how you relate to the world around you and how you feel connected to the “this or that” in your life, all depends on where you are and the beliefs you choose to follow. Continue reading