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Answering Leon In South Africa

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It drives me a little nuts when people send me an email, asking a question that I’m happy to answer, only to have the eMail response bounced back because of an invalid eMail.  Ugh! That happened today.

Folks, I love answering eMail and trying to share information about something I’m passionate about in my life. But I can’t respond if you don’t tell me the right eMail address.

I try to research the eMail address to see if I can figure out where the mistake is. Usually the cause is a typeo, a .om where the c has been left out. Or mgail, where letters have been transposed. I can fix those and reply. But sometimes, not even I can solve the problem.

So I try to answer those eMail questions here, while still hiding the specific identity of the person who sent me the note. I hope that eventually the person recognizes that I’m talking about them and still receive their reply. So let me try that today for Leon. Continue reading