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It drives me a little nuts when people send me an email, asking a question that I’m happy to answer, only to have the eMail response bounced back because of an invalid eMail.  Ugh! That happened today.

Folks, I love answering eMail and trying to share information about something I’m passionate about in my life. But I can’t respond if you don’t tell me the right eMail address.

I try to research the eMail address to see if I can figure out where the mistake is. Usually the cause is a typeo, a .om where the c has been left out. Or mgail, where letters have been transposed. I can fix those and reply. But sometimes, not even I can solve the problem.

So I try to answer those eMail questions here, while still hiding the specific identity of the person who sent me the note. I hope that eventually the person recognizes that I’m talking about them and still receive their reply. So let me try that today for Leon.

—- The eMail I Received —-
Name of sender: Leon
Email of sender: hidden-for-security
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Email Topic: General Question

HI i am a christian member since i can remember i am now at a ages were i can ask the question that i want with no one telling me no you can’t. living in south africa i now very little about the pagan ways or believes. as far i i know pagans are said to be devil followers. but now reading in to it today the quit ion pops up to mind how can a age old religion be wrong were does the right path lie. i live everyday by doing the right thing helping people to my best ability and not looking down on other peoples believes. i feel i need to get more info on the pagan ways. Can you may be help me with more information.

—- My Attempted Reply —-

Greetings Leon,

Thank you for visiting PagansPath and sending your question. Let me try to give you some direction and see if we can get you started on the right foot. My number one goal is to empower you to discover your own truths. I won’t tell you what to think. I won’t tell you a perspective you have is right or wrong. It’s your perspective, you have to decide for yourself if it’s right for you, or not part of your connection to the Divine Universe. I believe in learning about other spiritual paths so we understand each other and build tolerance and peace in our world. And I believe that learning about others doesn’t mean you’re subject to follow those beliefs you learn about.

With that, let me add that I think everyone should understand what they believe today. No matter what they follow. So I’d suggest starting this research with the First Assignment I give to new students, you should have an idea of what you believe right now and how you see the Universe today. Because your current views will shape the information you read and learn. Putting your beliefs into writing instead of just talking about them, helps you define the connection between your beliefs, understand what you believe, and identify what you might not understand or where there are gaps in your beliefs. You’ll find the description and assignment @ A Student’s First Assignment – The questions are based on Pagan Metaphysical views, so feel free to modify them to suit your perspectives.

Next, do your own research. Read everything! The more you read, the more you’ll be able to distinguish what is good source material from what is not. There are a lot of charlatans out there. Be careful! And simply because something is on the web, doesn’t mean it’s researched and accurate. Make sure people can quote you sources so you can further your study. If they don’t, then you might hold their information to the side until you can verify what they describe from other reliable sources. My articles on Pagan’sPath have a bibliography at the bottom of each article. I don’t do that so much on my blog. But these sources give you additional information to read.

There are several articles on my site and blog that can give you some basic information. These can provide you with a lot more detail than I can here in an email. I suggest reading these in the order I’m listing them. Even if you’re not looking to walk this path, some of the getting started information will give you basic information to some of the most frequently asked questions.

But I’ll start off with saying:
No Paganism isn’t about Devil Worship. The Devil is an aspect of non-Pagan religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islamic faiths). To simplify this, think of it this way. The Devil is part of Abrahamic Doctrine, though the dark side of that belief system. Pagan religions don’t believe in the existence of the Devil, so it would be pretty hard to worship such a being when you don’t even believe in it.

~ Getting Started On Your Spiritual Path – here on Springwolf Reflections
~ What Is Paganism? A Basic Description of Paganism & Pagan Metaphysics – here on Springwolf Reflections
~ What Is Pagan Metaphysics? – here on Springwolf Reflections
~ Frequently Asked Questions – on Pagan’s Path
~ Meditation, Energy & Action – Walking Your Talk © – On Spring’s Haven

Every 6 to 12 months, you should revisit the first set of questions from the Student’s First Assignment. Read what you wrote before you began your research and see what has changed in your perspectives and beliefs, if anything.

Hope this helps. Of course you are welcome to email me anytime with questions, clarifications or information. If you need further clarification about any of the articles on; please feel free to contact me again. If I can help, I’d be glad to answer any additional questions, or at the very least I might be able to point you to another resource.

Many Blessings,
SpringWolf, D.D., Ph.D.   🐾
President, Pagan’s Path Education Center,
Springwolf Reflections & Spring’s Haven – Spiritual Center

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2015 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Answering Leon In South Africa

  1. Greetings Springwolf. I was reading Leon email and your reply. I am also from South Africa and have been on the pagan path studing metaphysics for 5 years now. Coming from South Africa myself i know that it is very conservative Christian. I am alone in my path and would love to be involved with others that share my natural believes. However in the city I live in there is not one group that is public. Here we have to hide who we are in fear of rejection and often medieval like persecution.
    I would love to follow you on Facebook but the fallout will be quiet bad. If somebody just hears about you thinking about anything else other than christianity then you get shunned. Even socially mixing with a jew or muslim person gets you in hot water. So I do understand Leon’s way of thinking.
    I thank you for you site and visit often soaking up everything with a hunger for more.

    I have sent many a email reaching out to other just like me and have had no response. There are one or two groups in SA but they find it very hard to admit new members.

    I am most blessed and comforted by sites like your that have been a true inspiration in my studies.

    Blessed Be Nikki Smith
    South Africa

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