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Faeries, Pixies and Sprites

Giggle Goddess Art

Giggle Goddess Art

From time to time, I’m asked to write a guest article for someone else’s blog or website. Last week I met Rhiannon, a lovely artist of faeries, mermaids and beautiful things. She wanted to inform readers about the fairies, mermaids and other magical beings that she often paints. I love doing things like this for other bloggers. I hope you’ll visit her site and bookmark her page.

The Magikal Faery Spirits Of Nature
by Springwolf D.D., Ph.D. for Rhiannon at Giggle Goddess Art

Pixie, leprechaun, faerie, brownie, sprite are all terms for mystical supernatural beings, thought to be helpful or harmful to people. These variations in name are often attributed to different cultures of the world using different languages to describe the same thing or similar mystical beings. From the Huldufólk in Iceland to the Tuatha Dé Danann in Ireland, and the Manitou of Native Americans, these are apparently intelligent entities that live unseen beside us. Faeries, Pixies and Sprites are generally small magikal beings that live amongst nature and are considered helpful when treated with respect. Brownies, Elves, and Leprechauns are larger beings that live in their own villages or mystical communities away from humans populations. They are known to play tricks on anyone outside their community, especially big people like you and me. Continue reading