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I Love Interesting Questions!

Last week I shared an email I had received from someone who wasn’t so nice, and how I responded to their message. I’d like to take the opportunity to share a fabulously interesting email I received this week and perhaps show a little contrast.

I love getting email, I love answering questions from people on all levels of understanding and experience. People always apologize for asking basic questions, or being long-winded or for emailing in general. It’s really not necessary to apologize. If I didn’t want email I shouldn’t have put up a contact page and provided a mechanism to receive correspondence. So let’s face it, if I didn’t want to answer questions, I picked a pretty poor profession to avoid it!

I get a lot of email of various kinds and from all over the world. It may take me a few days to a few months to get through them all, but I do answer all of them. Receiving email comes and goes in waves. There are many more messages from fall to spring, especially between Samhain and Yule. And not so many in the summer between June and September. Now that makes sense here in the States. But our summer is the winter for the southern hemisphere and the pattern seems to follow along in the same way. That’s always confused me. But ok.

Now some emails I receive are more interesting than others of course. I love the questions that cause me to really sit back and think how I feel about the topic, or cause me to research a little before I can answer. It’s important to remember that most people share a belief, but that we often call things by different labels. So you might need to research a term or a phrase to discover if this question’s concept is something totally new to you, or is it a topic you’re familiar with that has been given a different name.

And then there’s the questions that can have two or more different meanings. Are you talking about this perspective or that one? And which one do you answer? I’m fond of answering all angles in hopes I get one of them right. It’s a method that also allows me to have a teaching moment and share some insight that the questioner may not have thought of. Maybe I have an opportunity to expand someone’s view and open a door to new avenues of thought. I like those too.

Well the email I had a chance to get to this morning covers a few of those aspects. I liked answering this one, it’s not the usual run of the mill question. So allow me to share. You might think of how you would answer these questions. If you feel so inclined, feel free to leave a comment on this post and share your view!

On 5/20/2016 2:28 PM, XXX wrote:
  Email Topic: General Question
  ————————- COMMENTS ————————-

  Is it possible to manifest things such as thoughts, servitors, spirits and the like into physical reality? To the point where they are visible, or can interact with the world such as moving objects?

  If so, is it difficult to maintain such a being in the physical world? Do you have any personal experience with this? What are the limits you’ve encountered regarding this topic? How might one go about it, what texts are available on the subject? Is such a practice commonplace among experienced magic users?

  This topic is of great interest to me, and any feedback is appreciated.

  Thank you for taking the time to consider my email.


(In full disclosure, I didn’t have time earlier today to read over my reply and edit it for content, grammar or spell checking. I did that here however.)

Hello XXX,

Where to start. You’re mixing a few different concepts in your questions here so let me see if I can answer all of them.

Manifesting thoughts, spirits etc into physical reality?
Here’s where we need to make a little separation of concepts so we’re on the same page.

In metaphysical principles, what we think creates who we are. Our thoughts are energy and by expressing those thoughts we create our own reality in that moment, for that day, week, month, year and our entire life. Our thoughts do manifest in our life. Starting with how we feel. Have you ever heard the phrase “What you think creates how you feel?” It’s a true statement. Our thoughts manifest first in our own body and can create ailments and grow into disease that need to be treated medically. But those ailments will not fully be resolved until we change the pattern of our thinking.

Our thought patterns can create the way we look at the world, good, bad or indifferent. So in these terms, we can and we do manifest our thoughts into physical form.

When we talk about manifesting spirit, we might look at this from two different aspects. As a psychic I can think about a spirit and manifest them into my presence. It’s like a spiritual phone call. When I’m with a client who lost a parent or partner for instance and they want to know if they’re ok. The only way to contact that spirit is to think about them and try to connect with them on an energy level. So in this way we can and do use our thoughts to manifest spirits into our presence. You may not call that a physical manifestation, but as a psychic I would.

Can we manifest a servitor?
Now in my world this is a spirit we’re trying to summon who can help us accomplish a goal. Who will work with us to achieve that goal. Now Hollywood would make these spirits out to be a demon who we’re trying to summon to do harm. That’s only a small part of the potential. I don’t believe in demons in the Hollywood sense however. This isn’t my experience with communicating with spirit. Calling on spirit for help in a general way can summon a variety of energies. I call upon spirit to help me write and share an insight or information in my ministry. The result could be a spirit guide that I know and work with. It could be an angelic messenger. It could be the Great Spirits and divine consciousness.

On my path demons are guardians of the underworld, for lack of a better term. We believe there is an order and hierarchy to the Divine Universe. They are angels who have a specific duty to help keep order in the Divine dimensions and the Demons are one choir of the angel kingdom whose mission is to help maintain that order. When an incarnated soul breaks cosmic law and destroys life in the world in an evil way, that soul is not allowed to interact with incarnated spirits once its passed on into death.

Ok let’s make this easier with an example. Hitler would fall into this evil category. Upon his death cosmic law would dictate a period of time for his soul to be separated from the greater divine consciousness. In life he manipulated and abused people in such a way that it interfered with their spiritual mission, lessons and karma. (Not to mention the physical horrors he was responsible for as well.) He would not be allowed to do the same thing from spirit. The guardians would surround his soul with spiritual energy in a way that separates his spirit from all other energy in Universe. You can think of this as limbo, which is how we see it. Or hell which is how Abrahamic doctrine teaches it.

The Demon choir as they’re known to us, are the guardians of this dimension and they insure souls like Hitler cannot cause more havoc to incarnated and spiritual souls. This is how one of the laws of Karma is put into action.

Ok, so can you summon a demon?
In my spiritual world, no. Their mission isn’t designed to be communicators of spirit or conduits of spiritual energy. They focus on maintaining order on the spiritual realms and that alone is what they do. But I guess it depends on what you believe. I know of several religious paths that believe demons can be summoned. It’s simply not something my research and experience supports.

Now you asked, can we manifest spirits so they’re visible?
I guess that depends on what you mean by visible. When I call on a spirit to come talk with me and a client they’re visible to me. I can see them, hear them and sometimes smell a perfume or certain odor surrounding them. On a few occasions clients will tell me after a channeled reading that as I was talking, my face changed as if I was wearing a mask. They could see the spirit who was present in my features. When I’ve conducted spiritual healings, I call upon a spirit guide I work with and people have told me they see her and describe her to me. The description is usually the same from client to client and it matches my vision of her. So in this way, yes they can be visible.

(On a side note, some clients have also told me they see large wings on my back when I’m conducting a healing. I believe those wings come from one of my previous lifetimes that I have elected to pull into this incarnation. I’ve talked about my wings before, and how I can occasionally feel them flap through my shoulder-blade muscles. I’d like to get my wings back. They were awesome!).

If you mean can spirit become visible to anyone as if we’re friends walking down the street, I’m not sure I have a real answer for that. I’ve heard experiences from people who would suggest yes it has happened. So perhaps I should say, it’s possible. But in all these cases, it was a choice, I’d have to say, the spirit made to be seen and not something they were “summoned” to do. If that makes sense.

You asked if spirits can be visible to the point of moving objects?
Again I’d have to say there’s two ways to answer this question.
First, can spirits move physical objects? Have I actually seen a physical object move by itself, floating in the air from one location to another? No, not in the sense of seeing you move a glass from here to there. Do I think this is possible? I wouldn’t rule out the possibility simply because I haven’t seen it. I’m open to it. But it hasn’t been my experience.

Second, can spirits move objects in general?
Yes, I believe they can and do. I have seen objects in one place and within seconds of moving my vision to another location, seen the same object in another place. I’ve looked back at the original location and the object is no longer there, but resides in the new location. From my “sense” of the energy at the time, I’ve interpreted this as a spiritual someone moved the object from one side of a room to another side, or even in a totally different room.

I believe spirits interact with us all the time in subtle ways. Sometimes we’re quiet and calm and we can be aware of it. Other times we’re totally oblivious. Even as a psychic, I’ve learned how to turn the “sense” on to feel the energy around me and when to turn it off so I can focus on other things. But there are times when a spirit is in need of being noticed that even when I’m “off” I can feel their presence and find out what’s going on and what the need is. Sometimes they just want to say Hi. It happens more often than you might think.

I also believe everyone has the ability to feel spirit. I’m sure you may have had an experience or two, or even know someone who has felt a spirit or ghost. One of the most common experiences I hear about, are from people who have had a family pet that has passed. Within a month or two they say they’ve seen that pet out of the corner of their eye during the day. Or more common, they go to bed, lay down and get comfortable and then feel something jump up on the bed. But when they’ve checked the area thinking it was another one of their pets, there’s nothing there. And the image that pops into their head is their lost beloved animal. Well, I believe that image is their connecting with the animal’s spirit and letting them know, they’re there.

I should also make note that it is my belief and experience that there’s a difference between a spirit and a ghost. A spirit is a soul who knows it has passed into the ethereal realm. They know they’re dead. A ghost is an earth-bound soul who doesn’t know they’re dead, or doesn’t want to be dead. So they hold onto the physical world and won’t let go.

Their energies are different to me. A spirit is lighter, it’s not..well I describe it as, they’re not as present. They’re airy and lighter in energy. The best way I can describe it is like this. There’s a pressure in the energy waves around us. Anything that disturbs those waves creates movement which we can feel as pressure.

Think of it as standing within inches of your living best friend. You can almost feel the heat off their body, there’s a feeling of a balloon pressing between the two of you and when one of you moves, that pressure from the balloon can be stronger or lighter as if you’re about to drop the balloon.

When talking about spirit, I feel that pressure as light. I know I’m feeling the presence of a spirit and when I tune in to them, I can feel the lightness of their energy. It’s uplifting and there’s almost a fast paced buzz of energy coming from them. I can tune into that vibration and feel them move by sensing the disturbance of the energy waves around me or in the room.

When the energy is heavy, there’s more pressure and it’s a slower vibration (or buzz), I know there’s a ghost present. In both cases I can tune into them and feel where they are, and generally I can manifest their image and see their form.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, feel free to let me know and ask again.


I’d like to thank XXX for sending me these questions. I truly had a good time sharing my perspective.

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One thought on “eMail: Manifesting Spirits and Thoughts Into Physical Reality

  1. I feel as if this question was brought to you almost on my behalf.30 days ago I met an amazing young man and I spent around 30 minutes in his presence.He asked to ride along in my car and I agreed ,unusual for me to even talk to strangers but , I was compelled .He was kind and handsome and I enjoyed the short time we rode together.He was physically real ,he paid for the gas ,he held the door for me :)(Our hands brushed and I FELT his physical existence,I never questioned the reality of his presence until days later) ….He had a soda when we met ,I never saw him drink it ,but Yosemite can was in my car .I watched him inhale and exhale a good sized cloud of smoke ,twice at least…..Right before he vanished ,he was chowing down on a rice crispy treat in a store as if he hadn’t eaten in years .I could see that he was he truly hungry.I felt badly for him ,but I was afraid the clerk would notice that he had not paid for the snack and I had just spent my money .So ,unfortunately ,I sort of walked from him for a minute because I m naturally a Goody2 shoes …….Once I’d stepped out the of the gas station ….my new friend very literally vanished .We d planned to go to my house where my family was down the street .I went right back in looking for him .I waited in my car forever and ever .I was so confused ,he wasn’t hiding anywhere ,he just NEVER came , out .At least no one saw him do so.I asked the only other patron and he saw no one.The fire exit wasn’t used ,no alarms went off.I simply lost him !Two days later I found belongings of his in the passenger door.I’m unsure how they got there.I’ve looked for him all month .The only similar face I found was on social media,a boy from my town who passed away 6years ago from illness.I’m sad and confused and very unsure of what to think,still.However I know about manifesting our realities and I’ve had very strong attributes of being a medium for the past two years .Very real ,weekly experiences with the spirits always asking for my help .But I’ve never SEEN their images ,I simply feel and “hear “them .Alot.They don’t leave me be ,so I shut it off as you said.I don’t know if he was a ghost or not but I found the t-shirt he wore that day ,right near my bed the other day.It had a specific logo stamp.Same one ,for sure.I wanted to SEE this person again .I speak toward him but ,since it’s been so confused ,I doubt my as elf in this case .Although I THINK The responses I’ve heard are from him .I just. Ant figure out how to solve this mystery .

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