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Once again let me remind folks that I cannot respond to your eMails if you don’t provide a valid email address. If I take the time to get through all the eMails I receive, the least folks can do, is make sure their address is correct so I can answer your question. PLEASE!

Today I received a question from:

Lauren,  who wrote:
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Would you be able to give me info/advice on natural blood line born witches? I think I have some sort of pyschic abilities

Well Lauren, I couldn’t answer your question, because your email at wasn’t valid and bounced back. So in an effort not to waste my time on replying, I’m going to answer it here and merely hope you see the response. At the very least, if someone else has had the same or similar question, I can answer them instead.


Hello Lauren,

There is no such thing as a blood witch. That idea is merely from fanciful stories made up for books, TV or movies. And being psychic doesn’t make someone a witch. Those two concepts are totally separate things.  So let me explain.

Born Witches:
There is no a witch DNA strand, or witch chromosome in the human body. So it’s important to know that no one is ‘born a witch’ or can claim to be a ‘natural witch’. Even people with natural talents must first accept them and then chose to use them. And even then, they must choose how they are to be used and what (if any) spiritual path to use them on. And even then, they may choose not to use their talents on a spiritual path at all. There are practitioners of Magik who do not work with energy in connection to any spiritual belief. These people are typically called a Ceremonial Mage. This is not a path I care much for, so it’s not a path I teach.

Divination AltarBeing a witch is a choice, not a birth right or predestined path. A person can choose to work with energy upon a path of healing; instead of a path of magik. This choice doesn’t make the healer a Witch just because they work with energy. Lighting a candle in church or saying a prayer to Jesus, doesn’t make someone a Christian Witch either.

The act of consciously working with energy to bring about change in a focused manner within the guidelines of magik principles is what makes a person a witch. There’s much more to learn about energy, how to create it, mold it, focus it and release it for manifestation than simply taking a “title’.

The Title or Label “Witch” is not specific to any one religion either. Being a witch doesn’t make you pagan or a member of “Witchcraft”, which is a religious label that many who are Pagan witches don’t like too much. But the label Witch is merely a term for a person who practices the Science of Energy Manipulation – what most call Magik. You’ll notice I don’t spell it magic. There’s a difference between stage magic and spiritual magik.

So ‘witch’ as a title can exist in many varieties of religions, not just pagan ones. There are Christian and Jewish Witches, just as there are Pagan Witches. I communicate with several Christian Witches in central and south America for instance. They’re very knowledgeable and well-respected in their communities. They’re also devout Christians who follow an interpretation of the Bible that doesn’t defame magik or the rituals of magik, like many Anglo-Saxon and modern Americanized Bibles do.

Being Psychic:
Everyone is psychic to some degree. Most people just don’t realize it or they call it by some other name or phrase. It’s easy for someone to say “I have a gut feeling about this”, instead of admitting to themselves that they are listening to one of their 6th senses, or psychic insights.

Being psychic is just a matter of becoming in-tune with these extra senses. You had to learn and understand your other senses for sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. You learned about them when you were a baby and the more you experience in life, the more you are able to utilize those senses in your daily life. Psychic senses are exactly the same. They aren’t a special gift,  or a gift from “god”. Nor do they make one person more special or powerful than the next.  We all have these abilities and we all can learn how to use them.

The first step is to understand what these senses are and which ones you have an aptitude for. Just like some musicians are adept at playing the piano more than the guitar; each person has their own aptitude with one of their psychic senses. You can learn more about these on my business site @ Psychic Abilities

Learning to use your abilities starts with creating a bridge between your conscious mind and your psychic mind (what most people call their spiritual mind). This is accomplished through meditation. I suggest reading the article for Psychic Development to learn more and discover how you can develop and control your own abilities. You’ll find it on my business site @ Psychic Development

I hope that helps to clear up the misconceptions.

Many Blessings,

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2 thoughts on “eMail – Born Witches; Being Psychic

  1. No need to respond & my comment is not on the mentioned subject.
    Rather, a thank you for your daily commitment to providing card readings that I enjoy m-f. Plus I’m reading your book and find it sending me to find out more information on my own! You have made a positive difference in my life.

    Thank you,

    Laura Leebrick

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