Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stick to your plan and govern your own destiny. Take a moment to breathe some fresh air and relax. You’ve got things covered this week. But that doesn’t mean you can fall off budget or cast caution to the wind. You haven’t reached your destination yet and there’s still much to do. Put your long-term goals in the forefront of your mind and remember what you’re working so hard for. You may be able to get there sooner than you think if you can stick to your goals.

Additional Insight:

Trying to stick to your budget and plans can get tedious. Sometimes you want to throw it all into fun and go out to have a good time. Even if it’s just to have a little break from the stress you’ve put on your shoulders. But doing so maybe how you got into this situation you’re climbing out of in the first place. So temper that desire and keep what you have in your pockets. Don’t let the frustration of doing without the little things get in the way of your bigger plans.

You are the ruler of your domain in the physical world. Govern it with pride and fortitude. Don’t fall for the quick fix that you’ll later regret. You’ve only got two more weeks to get your plans in place and make your move to achieve your biggest goal. Stay focused and remain on the path you’ve laid out for yourself. Time is of the essence, but everything depends on your ability to control your impulses. Be careful you don’t fall short and lose your opportunity to completely turn things around.

Patience isn’t your strong suit. Especially if you’ve been doing the same things over and over for several years. Feeling like you’re not getting ahead or you’ve been taking one step forward only to fall two steps back. Don’t let the frustration pull you into the trappings of wanting more possessions you don’t need. You might feel better for a little while today, or this week. But then the consequences of your actions will set in. That quick gratification will fall away fast, especially when you come up a day late and a few dollars short.

Today is the time to be diligent, to sit and wait. Abundance is coming, but there’s a little more left to do to get there. Get your paper work done. Focus on the immediate needs and not the extra satisfaction. Hold the long-term goals in the forefront of your physical mind and allow your higher consciousness to empower your ability to reach for your star. No matter how far away it maybe, believe it to be possible and you give yourself the chance to achieve it! You can do this! Deep breath, let go of the stress and frustration. Be content to wait it out, just a little longer.

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