Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Swords – Inverted

Queen of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Play your own song and you’ll be able to rule your realm through strength, endurance and respect. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Your wisdom comes from the ability to see all the angles and understand what others cannot conceive from their limited view. You remind those who are ready that they don’t have to follow in order to find the right path for their journey.  It’s your insight that helps them acquire the inspiration to move forward and achieve their own goals that once seemed impossible.

Additional Insight:

Stop trying to look the same way others do. It’s ok to view things from different perspectives. It’s ok to be different in a world that wants everyone to fit into a specific set of boxes. It’s not an up or down view. It’s not a left or right glance. It’s not even a positive or negative aspect that needs to be found. 

Everything in life is round and wants to be seen from all sides. A tree is round, a rain drop, a bird’s nest, the seasons, the cycle of life itself and even the planet, sun and moon are all round.  Nature always tells us that the best parts of life are round. So stand in the center of your circle and look at all that’s within your vision to see what’s really going on in your life.

When you have all sides of the story and can see all aspects of the tale, you’ll be able to view the probable outcomes. Strengthen the ones that flow in balance. Work on the ones that need changing or maybe they simply need a slight tweak to miss the pot holes that lay ahead. Use your insight to your advantage and repair the items that need help before they become broken. You’ll save a lot of time, money and heart ache by being proactive, instead of reactive.

Be proud of the way you look at the world around you. You can see things others can’t see, refuse to see or maybe they’re not ready to see. All you have to do is tune-in to your own instincts and align your music with the Divine in your life. Look with eyes that see the possibilities, instead of the pitfalls. Be the one who discovers the ideas, the answers or solutions that at least start the process to bring about balance and change that’s better for everyone.

Watch out for those who want to continue the argument and focus on the negative problems. They continually want to blame others for their plight. They’re stuck in the fear of making a mistake, being disliked or not trusted. They rely too much one ego and arrogance to force others to see things their way. And eventually they may want to pin the blame on you, because you’re still giving them attention. It’s not your responsibility to save their position. If you tried to calmly explain the issue and nothing comes of it. Take a deep breath and let it go.

You are under no obligation to prove yourself to anyone. Not everyone is going to like you, or like your views, or agree with your perspectives. And that’s ok. You don’t need their approval to listen to your own music. Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts, listen to your higher voice that encourages your confidence and empowers your goals and dreams. Today is your time to rise up and rule over your own domain and create that which creates balance, wisdom, fairness and abundance for all.

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