Morning Work – Setting A Positive Flow

What’s On Your Desk?

Each morning I get a cup of coffee and settle in for my morning work. That starts with centering and trying to wake up a little. Though sometimes being half asleep actually helps when pulling the Daily Tarot Meditation card. This morning I was thinking about what’s on my little work desk. I like my desk. It makes me feel empowered at the start of the day, connected to the Divine Consciousness and the Faeries I talk to throughout the day, and I think it’s simply lovely covered in my favorite things. When your desk provides a connection to the Divine creative energy within your higher consciousness, it becomes easier to face challenges, solve problems or if you’re like me, it can inspire you to write a Reflection for your blog.  😉

© Springwolf's Tarot Table

© Springwolf’s Tarot Table
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If your desk holds things you don’t like or that you dread to look at and deal with, you’re setting that energy up for the entire day. That in turn will impact everything you have to deal with through out your day. Whither it’s on your desk or not.

Thought is energy that we put into motion on the ethereal plane. It moves around us, through us and walks the path we walk until it manifests in physical form. Once in physical form, the event created by our thought will generate a reaction from us. Again, creating a thought that creates a pattern of energy that we put into motion. It’s a cycle of energy that we establish around ourselves each moment of our lives. In other words, this is the Law of Accountability in action. What you put out, you get back. The Law of Accountability governs how you live your life and conduct yourself through out your life.

One way around this is to set a small area of your desk up with things you do like. It doesn’t have to be an altar. It can be a plant with a crystal decorating the top soil. It can be a decorative silk flower, or one of those enclosed plant decorations with shimmering light glistening through the petals and leaves of the flower. It can be a lava lamp or the statue of a wolf or your favorite animal. It can be an object that helps you focus on your long term goals or dreams. A person you care for deeply, your kids or a pet.

Many years ago a wonderfully kind Native American Shaman named Roger, told me that when he looks at me, he thinks, “walking your talk”. When he said it to me I was filled with such elated tingly energy that his comment has always stuck with me and I began to develop a concept of what that means. So let me share with you the three steps for Walking Your Talk©”.

  1. Setting your day with positive energy.
  2. Creating supports for your daily activities.
  3. Ending each day with thanks and gratitude.

Each morning, before you get out of bed spend about 5 minutes creating the positive spiritual outlook for your day. Do this through a focused, calm, visualization or light meditation. Think of yourself as the Divine Spiritual Being that you are. Talk to yourself about walking your spiritual path as you go about your activities of the day, from the perspective of your Divine Self. From the positive light and insight of the divine beliefs you hold near and dear to your heart and soul.

It doesn’t really matter what put on your desk, what gives you inspiration in a morning meditation, as long as it’s something you really like that you can use as inspiration to connect your mind and thoughts toward positive energy and the Divine force in your life. Simple steps to setting a positive flow for the day.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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