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Spring's Haven on Reddit

Spring’s Haven on Reddit

Spring’s Haven Announcement
March 23, 2016

Spring’s Haven is excited to announce our new presence on Reddit at reddit.com/user/SpringsHaven!

If you are unfamiliar with Reddit, it is an online social media community where users vote on content. There are sub-communities, or subreddits, that any user may create that are independent and moderated by a team of volunteers. Subreddits cater to specific topics and allow you to follow those topics on your Reddit home page. Such as reddit.com/r/tarot, reddit.com/r/pagan, and reddit.com/r/paranormal and many more!

Reddit users submit links to online content and vote on which stories and discussions are important. Anyone can join Reddit. Anyone can participate.

President of Spring’s Haven, Rev. Vickie Carey (Spring Wolf) announced today “We are particularly happy to expand our social media presence onto Reddit”. She added, “Reddit has become one of the largest and most active social media sources on the net and we hope we can reach more friends and like-minded people.”

We’ve been monitoring our presence over the past week and we’re already pleased with the results. Our analytics clearly have shown us how popular Reddit has become for users around the world, looking for news, information and stories. We have seen an uptick in traffic here on Spring’s Blog (Springwolf Reflections) and on our business site Spring’s Haven – Spiritual Center.

We look forward to seeing some of you on our new Reddit page and we hope you’ll add your comments to our posts and let us know you stopped by.

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Be Empowered

Don’t follow me.
Don’t walk in my footsteps.
Journey beside me and
let us share in the wonderment
of the Universe together.

~ Springwolf  🐾
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Should You Really Follow Your Heart?

Which Is The Better Guide: Emotions or Instincts?

Happy Valentines Day to one and all.

The Alpha'sToday many people will experience new love, others will rekindle old love, and some will find the strength to walk away from destructive love. It’s a day where people often allow their emotions and heart to get in the way of what they need and allow what they want to take over. But are your emotions the better guide to making the right choices?

The answer might be easier to figure out than you think. We often tell people to “Follow your Heart” when making important decisions. While that might sound like good advice, it’s often the wrong thing to say. Our heart or emotions are often clouded by a variety of psychological elements. Past hurts, nagging voices in our subconscious, fear and trepidation of a potential future of pain and distress all play a role in forming our emotions and emotional responses. Continue reading