Should You Really Follow Your Heart?

Which Is The Better Guide: Emotions or Instincts?

Happy Valentines Day to one and all.

The Alpha'sToday many people will experience new love, others will rekindle old love, and some will find the strength to walk away from destructive love. It’s a day where people often allow their emotions and heart to get in the way of what they need and allow what they want to take over. But are your emotions the better guide to making the right choices?

The answer might be easier to figure out than you think. We often tell people to “Follow your Heart” when making important decisions. While that might sound like good advice, it’s often the wrong thing to say. Our heart or emotions are often clouded by a variety of psychological elements. Past hurts, nagging voices in our subconscious, fear and trepidation of a potential future of pain and distress all play a role in forming our emotions and emotional responses.

When we allow our emotions to govern our path we react instantly on patterns we’ve developed in life through experience. Sometimes that can be ok, but most of the time, those patterns are based on the negative experiences we’ve struggled through. We hear what we want to hear, see what we want to see, not because we’re insightful, but because our senses are clouded by past hurts and function through our past experiences. Because of this we often repeat patterns, or we set situations in our life up for a self-fulling prophecy and we make it happen that way.

Now that’s not to say that emotions are always a bad thing. When they’re managed in balance with common sense and your Divine consciousness, the emotions behind your passion can bring forth exciting experiences and fulfilling circumstances in your life. But that’s the key. Balance of mind, body and spirit. Our mind can help us reason through the past events that cloud our emotions. We can see the negative patterns we’ve created and work on healing those circumstances. Through this process of healing, we can let go and release the old patterns, making way for better and more positive patterns to develop.

In addition to our physical reasoning, our higher Divine Consciousness can help us see all aspects of a situation and guide us away from harm and toward success. When we use the vision of spirit, we’re able to see much more around us and the situations we experience. When we ignore those “gut instincts”, those little hints and messages when something doesn’t seem right, we often end up making the wrong choices and fall into the pattern of harm and hurt. Take off those rose-colored glasses, use the vision of your own higher inner spirit and you can avoid the pitfalls that come your way. When we balance the information coming in through mind, body, spirit we allow doors to open that were once closed. We can overcome the past and take a chance on love once again.

Don’t allow desperation to cloud your judgement. Don’t allow fear to block your path. Instead develop the link to your own Divine Consciousness, build a love of self and listen to the messages from your higher spirit. When you do this on a daily basis you will see the opportunities for fulfilling your dreams with success, working toward making your passion a reality, and being ready for the true moments of love and affection.

The best way to begin the process is to start with loving yourself. Be your own best friend. Send yourself some flowers or buy a little piece of chocolate to celebrate your own love of spirit. When you love you, others will too!


© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D., Springwolf Reflections / Spring’s Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Should You Really Follow Your Heart?

  1. Very thoughtful post. You addressed the distinction between following your emotions (being guided by fear, anger, guilt), and following your heart (being guided by love and awareness of mind, body and spirit). If you define it in that sense, then following your heart is making the most conscious decision you can at the given time.

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