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The Art Of Communication Part I

How We Listen and Hear

Natural CommunicationCommunication is essential for every species on Mother Earth. It’s used for organizing a hunt for food, locating group members, mating, in play and in some cases for singing. No matter what the species, some form of communication is going on through vocalization and body language. Some animals may not ‘vocalize’ in the way we think of it, using sound vibration such as a cricket’s legs or lobster’s claws. But clicking, tweeting, howling or with words, communication is still going on all around us. The more complex the communication, the more room there is for miscommunication.

Which brings us to humans. Thanks to our ability to rationalize, we have often made a mess of communicating with others. We start at an early age trying to decipher tone and body language. We realize quickly what love, compassion, laughter and anger sound like. But even when we’re young it can be hard to distinguish between anger and frustration or compassion and love. Our elementary school teachers are often good at showing compassion, but many young children can’t distinguish that kindness from love, in the similar form that we receive from our parents. And body language is totally confusing with all of its subtleties, no matter what age you are. So we use our rationalization to read into what we hear or see and try to interpret the communication the best we can. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

A little hug can go a long way. Don’t expect others to know you need one today. Ask for it. And if there’s no one around, snuggle with your animal family, or hug your favorite stuffed animal. Or sit down and give yourself a hug. Showing compassion for the self is just as important as showing compassion for the ones you love. You have put a lot on your shoulders, including pressure to move forward and reach your goals as quickly as possible. The drive might be admirable, but sometimes it comes at a cost that you may not be willing or want to pay.

Additional Insight:

Everything happens in its right time and space. When you push to hard you risk missing out on the blessings that come you way during the day. You risk losing the things that are most important to you in your life. And you risk achieving your goal, but not having the full satisfaction of success because of what you’ve lost along the way. Balance is the key to all things. Sometimes it doesn’t mean walking away from the work, but rather putting your drive on the right tasks. When problems arise, do what you can to correct them. But when they are minor, don’t approach them with a major effort. Deal with they are, put them aside and move on. You’ll be able to come back to those minor issues later if needs be. Or you may find they’re really not that big of a deal after all and you can live with it. No one is perfect. Not even you. And no one expects you to be. So why do you?

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