Archive | February 16, 2012

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – Three of Cups – Inverted

Three of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Your cup is full even if things are upside down today. Stop listening to the complaints of others and taking on their messages and energy. You’re not following their path and you don’t have the same issues as those around you. You’re working yourself into an unnecessary frenzy, so stop it! Focus on your work, what lies right in front of you and avoid the negative rants from others. At least for today, close the door, stay inside, and be alone with your thoughts. You’ll be much better tomorrow and you’ll feel more empowered to continue YOUR work.

Additional Insight:
Even on the brightest of days it’s easy to get dragged down by the emotions of others. Their negative outlook isn’t the same hardships you face. While they’re spinning their wheels and spiraling out of control, you have been working hard, staying focused and trying to deal with the challenges on your own path. You may feel out of sorts today, but blame it on the weather and avoid allowing the fear and frustration of others to pull you down farther into their muck and mud. You are FAR from being stuck in a deep hole with no way out. Tomorrow things will not seem nearly as bad and you’ll be much happier for keeping the baggage of others off your shoulders! So perhaps for today at least, it’s a good time for a little seclusion where you can think about your path, focus on your own solutions and work through your issues with your own inspiration and connection to the Divine forces in your life.

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