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The Faery Prayer of Financial Security

Bringing Abundance

Everyone hopes to find abundance in their life. Be it financial, health or something else. One of the biggest requests I receive from people is a prayer or spell for financial abundance. This is one of my favorites. But you can modify the dream line to be what you need or hope for.

Faeries Bright, In Faery Light..
Grant our wishes on this night.
Send your magik in a loving beam,
That we may win the jack-pot dream.
Bring us financial security on this eve,
so we can finally feel relieved.
Help us dance in joyous glee,
as we give our thanks to finally be free!

And in our joy we give our thanks,
to home and hearth and the faery ranks!
So It Is and So It Is Done.

* This is for my son.

Candle Magik Basics:
This prayer can be recited over a candle to invoke a little Candle Magik and help with your manifestation of energy.

A quick example that works well for financial issues:

  • Since I’m here in the U.S. I would choose a green candle for financial matters as it represents American currency. You can use the color that best represents your view financial currency in your country.
  • Using a special ritual knife, draw on the side of the candle. I carve a $ -sign, if the candle is large enough I write a phrase or need. 
  • Include your personal sigil (a magikal symbol for you).
  • When it comes time to light the candle, say the prayer and see yourself holding what you need in your hands as if you already have it.
  • Visualize yourself using the financial means to do what you need it for, whither it’s paying a bill, buying a new car; paying for a class or getting a business license to start your own company. See yourself putting the money to good use. 
  • Hold that image for however long you wish concentrate. Make it at least a 5 minute meditation moment, or a full hour to delve deep into how this money will help you. The more you visualize the positive actions of your request; the more energy you will put forward to bringing into reality.

Good Luck!

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