The Faery Prayer For Your Lottery Abundance

Miniatures by Stephanie Blythe

Miniatures by Stephanie Blythe

Prayers For Your Lottery Ticket

Even if the News doesn’t realize it, there are still a lot of people who are suffering and struggling everyday. For some the only hope they have is that 1 lottery ticket. Hope can carry you through one more day, over one more hurdle and help you face the day to come. It doesn’t matter what the reason, but that ticket is all they have.

This was reinforced for me this week when I posted a comment on the Old Farmer’s Almanac about using green grapes around your garden to keep slugs from eating your flowers and veggies. Another person replied “I can’t afford grapes for myself, much less slugs”. A lot of people know how that feels. I do, things were really bad for us after the recession.

When I pick up a ticket, my family and I light a candle together and say a little prayer to my friends the Faeries.

Faeries Bright, In Faery Light..
Here’s our numbers, please make them right.
(read your numbers)*
We’ve struggled hard with all our might.
Please pull all our numbers and end this plight.
Take us out of this hardship and fight.
We give our thanks for your help tonight!

Blessings to everyone who is still in that state of struggle.

*  Only read one line of your numbers

Candle Magik Basics:
This prayer can be recited over a candle to invoke a little Candle Magik and help with your manifestation of energy.

A quick example that works well for financial issues:

  • Since I’m here in the U.S. I would choose a green candle for financial matters as it represents American currency. You can use the color that best represents your view financial currency in your country.
  • Using a special ritual knife, draw on the side of the candle. I carve a $ -sign, if the candle is large enough I write a phrase or need.
  • Include your personal sigil (a magikal symbol for you).
  • When it comes time to light the candle, say the prayer and see yourself holding what you need in your hands as if you already have it.
  • Visualize yourself using the financial means to do what you need it for, whither it’s paying a bill, buying a new car; paying for a class or getting a business license to start your own company. See yourself putting the money to good use.
  • Hold that image for however long you wish concentrate. Make it at least a 5 minute meditation moment, or a full hour to delve deep into how this money will help you. The more you visualize the positive actions of your request; the more energy you will put forward to bringing into reality.

Good Luck!
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