Remembering To Be Mindful

mindfulbell-appPut Being Mindful Into Daily Practice

Mindfulness is a state of being where balance and peace within the moment, within the self and being are the center of all things. It’s not just looking at your thoughts, but your present state of attitude and how that translates into the manifestation of actions and reactions. (Read more about Mindfulness – Being Aware Of Your Spiritual Manifestation).

Today there are many ways to help you remember to take a moment and be aware of your thoughts and actions. Put a poster up in your office, put an image on your screen saver or something I’ve found that has been better than all those combined… There’s an app for that!

Put your smart phone or tablet to work for you and your spiritual awareness. There are many apps that provide Mindful reminders. The one I found works on Android, it’s free and it has no special permission requirements to work. That means it’s not phoning home every 10seconds.

It’s called the Mindfulness Bell. Let me give you some basic functions of this app so you can find one that works for you.

The Mindfulness Bell allows you to set when mindful reminders occur. From 8am to 9pm for instance. It allows you to select how often during the day you want to be reminded to be mindful. Hourly, every 3 hours or whatever fits your desire.

I’d recommend every 3 hours at least. Even if you’re driving to work or back home, you can take a moment to be aware of what you’re doing and what you’re thinking while you’re driving. This app displays the Mindful Bell and plays a very peaceful ding to remind you it’s time to be aware and be in the moment. It’s that simple.

Even if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, you can still set up little reminders to help you take a moment to pay attention to your current attitude and mood. Set up a recurring appointment in your desktop calendar with a notification pop-up. Set an alarm on your watch or desktop clock. Keep a timer in your kitchen and set it for 3 hours and when it goes off, turn back on for a 3 hour reminder from now. Even if your reminder takes a little effort to turn on, it’s well worth it.

Reminding yourself that now is the moment in my day to be aware of what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. When you do this several times during the day, you begin to set a pattern for your thoughts. Over time, even as little as a week, you will start to notice that you’re more mindful during the moments when your reminder isn’t going off. You begin to develop your action of living in the moment in between the reminders, and eventually throughout your entire day.

It’s a little action to put your beliefs into daily practice. To live the moment.. with peace and calm perspective that can and will change your life. It’s a little thing that will lead you to greater spiritual awareness and enlightenment. After all, you’re worth the effort to give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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