Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Eight of Cups

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Eight of Cups

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

The world is at your finger-tips, but calculate your next move carefully. The winds of change are about today and your Mindful thoughts will determine where they lead. Allow your frustrations to take hold and you could be flying into a storm. Remain calm, think things through and you’ll be able to ride above the gloom and discover the clear path into the next great adventure.

Additional Insight:

You are the pilot of your journey more so this week than other moment from the past three years. Your growth is evolving your spirit and you are being held to a higher standard now. Make your efforts count and don’t simply give lip service to your thoughts, words and deeds.

From here on out, practice what you preach! Don’t merely talk about living better and being kinder, Do it. Don’t just say “What you think, say and do will create your tomorrow”, Live it! Everything you express, even in thought will create energy that will begin manifesting around you to create your new world. Make it a good one.

Being Mindful isn’t hard to do and you can set little reminders to help you along the way. Schedule some time in your calendar for a repeating moment through out the day, week and year. Set a notification on your phone or tablet to help you remember that your thinking creates the expression of energy you put out toward others.

Don’t be one of those nay-sayers you dreaded to talk to. Be supportive of others and their ideas. Help them inspire their own dreams as you inspire your own. Scratch out the negative thoughts or snide comments that float around in your head when someone you don’t care much for is around and taking. You don’t know the details of their story and they may a great deal of tragedy going on in their lives. Could be it’s a wonder they’re getting through the day at all.

Being a spiritual being isn’t just about the talk when it’s interesting or convention. It’s about  Walking Your Talk© and putting into action the things you hold dear within your soul and heart. You can’t share the values of compassion and kindness until you yourself practices those values on a daily basis. Be extra Mindful for the rest of this month of how you express your thoughts, especially in the words and actions you share.

Change isn’t always easy, but change for the better does take a little effort on your part to steer the ship in the direction you want it to go. Don’t let the snowball of negative thoughts roll through getting bigger and attracting more of the same kind of energy. You’ll end up creating storm clouds that cover your entire day and zap your attitude into the gloom.

Look for the silver lining in all things. Every situation has a positive aspect to it. The Divine Universe is very keen on Balance, so within the struggle is a benefit waiting to be recognized. When you pay more attention to the positive aspects of the scale, you’ll get through the changes with ease, you’ll find inspiration to overcome and you’ll discover the happiness and success you seek.

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